“White Supremacist” ?

What Do They Mean byWhite Supremacist“?
by Tim Murray

It has become fashionable to label anybody, or any website which challenges anti-White racism as “white supremacist“. Of late, it has become among most frequently heard buzzwords — or buzz ‘phrases’ — particularly in the wake of the Charleston shooting.

“White supremacist” is a buzzword brandished as a weapon of fear and intimidation, so as to silence opponents and prevent reasoned debates. But what does “White supremacist” actually mean?

It used to be defined as the belief that the “White” race is superior to other races. But now it seems that, like so many English words in the history of the language, the meaning has evolved into something else. As it is presently wielded, the phrase conflates the belief in racial superiority with a belief in cultural superiority. Like the word “racist” or “racism”, it is brandished as a weapon of fear and intimidation with the object of silencing opponents. It is a show-stopper, a pre-emptive barb that is designed to prevent reasoned debate before it gets a chance to get out of the starting gate.

One need only say, for example, that a given article or a given speaker is tied to a “white Supremacist” website, and the content of the article or argument is dismissed without being examined or judged on the basis of its merits. One suspects that if anyone connected to such an odious site — (and) made the claim that the sky is blue, or that it frequently rains in Vancouver — his argument would be rejected out of hand.

That was certainly the experience of two people who were scheduled to meet with the House of Commons parliamentary committee on immigration to make a presentation. At the very last minute, the MPs on that committee cancelled the meeting because they learned that the presenters were connected to a “white supremacist” site. How shocking. These MPs (Members of Parliament) must have been fragile creatures because, apparently, they couldn’t take the risk that they might encounter a persuasive argument. Besides, a politician must never pass up on an opportunity to play up to the ethnic peanut gallery by being seen to be standing up with sanctimonious outrage to “racism” incarnate. There are a lot of votes to be had from ethnic, anti-White butt-kissing.

(See: Adventures Among ‘Anti-Racists’)

Anti-racist crusaders are astounded that anyone in the 21st century could possibly argue that some cultures are not quite up to snuff. In fact, one of the more conspicuous comments of the recently released report from “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission” was the revelation that native children in Residential Schools were taught to regard their own culture as inferior to ours. An unforgivable sin, especially in the era of Multicult.  And my goodness, to think that there are still people out there who think that way! People who think that the truth trumps hurt feelings or self-esteem. People like me. Imagine that! I should be put away into a museum together with the Confederate flag. Or at the very least … kept away from children.

(Read: Importing Black Violence)

I plead guilty as charged. No … I don’t believe that my “race” is superior. But I certainly believe that Western or European culture with all of its warts is the greatest culture in human history. Period. In other words, I am “ethnocentric“. I am not a cultural or moral relativist. Big deal.

There are a lot of NON-white people out there who feel the same way about their culture. Are Muslims cultural relativists? Are the Japanese eager to open the door to migrants who would threaten Japanese culture? Are Tibetans happy about the Chinese extermination of theirs? Not in your life. There are too many examples of non-White ethnocentrism to enumerate. The only question that needs answering is why other peoples’ ethnocentrism is kosher … while mine is not!?

I do not see myself as a “White supremacist“, (and) I don’t believe that my “race” is superior. But, I neither believe that all cultures are created equal. I believe that European culture is the greatest. I am not a cultural relativist … I am ethnocentric.

I don’t believe that all cultures are created equal. Or at least, there are features of one culture that are better or worse than certain features of another. That, I suppose, in the PC lexicon, makes me a “supremacist“.

What I find curious is that, typically, the people who hurl that label like a javelin at nearly-dead, old White guys like me, are quite prepared to anoint the cultures of non-White peoples as “superior” to mine.

Canada’s Green Party leader, Elizabeth May — for example — observed that the Inuit (Eskimos) are invested with an innate “wisdom” regarding ecological stewardship that White folks don’t have.



That’s sounds pretty racist, don’t you think? Similar things are said about the Chinese. They are ‘smart‘ — and by implication — we are not-so-smart. Racism by any other name…  ([Read: It’s A Wonderful Race])

I know how Cultural Marxists and race-baiters regard me. I know that they are incapable of defining their terms, or have any interest in doing so. I know that they employ their epithets because they cannot address my arguments. I accept that. I expect that. And I don’t care.

What is important ..  is how I regard myself.

I do not see myself as a “White supremacist“. Rather, I prefer to think of myself as a White survivalist. And I use the term “White” in the same way that “African-Americans” and “African-Canadians” use the term “black“. It’s shorthand. In my case, it’s shorthand for People of European origin.

I read the demographic writing on the wall and it says that Whites” will be a minority in several Canadian cities very soon. So it is not about dominating anyone, but struggling to maintain an equal footing — or at the very least — avoid oblivion by being pushed off the plate entirelyor assimilated into a Third-World melting pot.

One critic said that he felt sorry for people like me. “The world must be a very scary place for them“, he said, with affected sadness. I hate to ruin his party, but the world is a very scary place. And one of the reasons it’s scary is that the culture that gave the world so very much ison the brink of extinction.

[Read: Fred’s summary on this item

I suppose my attitude speaks to my environmentalist roots. Environmentalists — one would have thought — should have a particular concern for endangered species … for every species brings something to the table. Yet for some reason, most environmentalists don’t affect any concern for the loss of one species of human culture that is manifestly endangered.

In fact, most environmentalists in North America, Europe and Australia are cheerleaders of the very thing that is endangering this culture. Mass immigration. Just check-out the policy statements of the Green Party in your neighbourhood.  >Source
(Some grammatical changes and added links and videos by ELN Editor)

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  1. Seeing your ‘Blogroll’ and having posed the following question many times, which either resulted in no answer, or an answer that showed that little, if any thought was given to the question.

    QUESTION? Why are the Western Nations, and ONLY the western nations specifically being targeted for their destruction, RACIALLY, MORALLY, and ECONOMICALLY?

    For fun, allow me to ask another question that is NEVER answered…. WHY were the so called JEWS expelled from so many nations for nearly the past 2,000 years?

    Christians or Atheists, can not answer those questions, or will not, because the true answer will expose their abject ignorance. All that they can offer is the JEWISH FABLES that they have been told to believe, and have chosen to believe, and then they begin to ‘parrot’ the …”Elites love of money, control and power”… which is nothing but B.S. that was taught to them by the likes of Alex Jones, and other such ZIONIST JEW TRAITORS!

    The so called “ELITES” hate the white people for one reason, and only one reason!
    NOW what was my question?

    1. I’m assuming your questions are rhetorical in purpose and meant to encourage readers to delve deeper into the “rabbit hole”.

    2. Not “rhetorical” at all. But yes, intended to provoke further research, but those questions REQUIRE an answer. But WHY is it that presumed “ADULTS” will not answer those questions??

      Is it that you are unable to answer, or its it that you are unwilling to answer, and engage in an adult conversation?

      1. Let’s be perfectly clear without mincing words. I’m not here to answer your challenging questions [full stop]. If your intent is to “cross swords” with me in word games, then I suggest you seek your sparring partners elsewhere.

        If you’re genuinely sincere in your quest for answers — so to arrive at a satisfying personal conclusion — then I suggest YOU conduct a full study of those questions yourself. This blog offers dots of information along the pathway, but it’s incumbent on readers to connect those dots through their own efforts. Please read my sidebar description for further explanation.

        1. Message received! LOL…ROLFLMMFAO…

          When I ask a question at sites such as yours, and in the comment sections at MANY other sites, I already KNOW the answer to my question, I simply seek to understand whether those questions will be answered with “opinions” or are responded to with the same ‘programmed’ response’s taught by our enemy, OR will the response show that some one has actually given thought to the question, researched the question, and then found that the question deserved an adult reply!

          As I said above …”But yes, intended to provoke further research, but those questions REQUIRE an answer”…

          I did not intend to insult you, only to probe your mind, and understand just what your thoughts were concerning my question. It appears that ‘one’ of us failed to understand the concept of an adult conversation.

          One problem that ‘we’ are faced with today is that most people do not understand that these ‘problems’ are nothing new. I began to to awake to this evil in 1970. That was after the “Racism” card had fully become a weapon to be used against the white man in real time.

          NOW what was my question?

        2. Nope, not “insulted”… but instead, felt a gauntlet being thrown at my feet in a challenging manner for the purpose of doing [word] battle. And, to uninvitingly “probe” my mind … is trespassing on private property.

          Now in all seriousness, we are two different people that are analogous to two parallel lines having some commonality by moving in the same direction, and like any side by side parallel motion having the same continuous distance between the two lines that never meet, it’s unlikely we shall ever have a “meeting of the minds”.


  2. We should be able to say that an article was linked to a ‘jew’, and have the content of the article dismissed.

    White supremacist is someone who says that the white race should exist, or that white people should not die out.

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