Immigration is expanding to meet the needs of expanding immigration

The Kakistocracy

I was thinking about the Chatanooga Marine murders, proliferating muslim immigration, and the FBI’s increasing struggle to track “homegrown” terrorists (Amman being home to many). In doing so, I can’t help but find amusement in people who mock ancient superstitions. I suppose we are all prone to enjoy a shiver of smugness imagining our unenlightened forebears embracing nonsense with mortal earnestness. Of course we in the modern west aren’t susceptible to similar hysterias at all, with each of our solemn social mores certain to elicit approving nods from future Chinese museum curators.

Hey they’re laughing with us rather than at us, aren’t they?

And one of the greatest running gags will be about the early 21st century Americans who enigmatically imported a huge muslim insurgency, which necessitated a commensurately colossal surveillance apparatus. This required manpower the FBI wasn’t equipped to provide. And so, as in every profession, America needed immigration…

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