Is This A “Hate” Site?

It has come to our attention that accessing this blog through wi-fi sources has been severely restricted due to malicious actions of a self-described “watchdog” group that arbitrarily labeled this blog as a “hate” site.

Like many Bloggers promoting similar memes, our purpose is not for monetary gain, but for the love of TRUTH. Truth may be emotionally painful at times, but how can subjective TRUTH be “hateful”? Truth is TRUTH where-ever it leads … but TRUTH is definitely NOT hateful.

However, the words “racist” and “anti-semite” ARE terms of abuse in their own right, and generously used to slander and intimidate genuine truth-seekers. They are word-weapons  packed with a pejorative payload, augmented by constant repetition until such denigrating words become part of our daily vocabulary. Self-described “authorities” and “experts” in academia/media, and certain self-appointed groups, have assumed the task of deciding what is, or is not acceptable reading-material for you.

The sputtering utterance of knee-jerk reactionary words such as  “racist” or “anti-semite” is generally intended to stifle genuine debate and stop any discourse on subjects deemed “politically-incorrect” — another term invented by cultural Marxists.

Analogous to a school-yard bully who lacks personal confidence in themselves, the insufferable word-marshal enjoys delivering a “psychological punch” with all the immaturity of a developing juvenile. As an added bonus, these thought-cops secretly harbour a morally superior attitude over their adversaries when accusing others of being “racist”.

“Superior”? Now, is that not racist in itself? 😉

To quote Tom Sunic from our sidebar – [Most people] “confuse the dreary recitation of politically-correct gibberish with sensitivity that they think they have arrived at through their own value clarification”.

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