Politicians’ “3rd Rail” Decision – IMMIGRATION

Open Letter To Thomas Mulcair, Leader Of Canada’s NDP

By Bill Harrison

I and many others, I’m sure, are receiving emails from your party urging us to become involved in accepting and promoting the NDP (New Democratic Party) programs, policies, and ideals. While I have been a loyal NDP voter for many years now, I must confess I’m losing faith in the NDP, too. The reason for this change of heart can be directly attributed to the fact that your (party), among other Canadian political parties, are too cowardly to acknowledge the biggest political elephant in the room that this country has ever encountered.

That elephant to which I refer, is IMMIGRATION.

It is my opinion that if the NDP (New Democratic Party) are serious about forming the government of Canada, then they would rise to their feet and take a stand against the insane immigration policies of this country as they are practiced today. If you really wanted to win this next election … that is.

I cannot believe that you could possibly be that out of touch with reality so as not to realize that the majority of Canadians are fed up to the teeth with the destruction of Canada brought about by the massive injection of third-world and Asian immigrants into our country. Canadians have already become akin to second class citizens in their own homeland.

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Do you not ever monitor social media, Blogs, and other such forums in regards to public opinion on issues such as immigration?

If you were to do so, I imagine the hair on the back of your neck would stand up with the realization of just how angry…no… more than angry…. furious, Canadians are with you, (the politicians of Canada). You, who are supposed to represent us, and yet so blatantly disregard and refuse to acknowledge the absolute right of Canadians to determine and preserve the culture, flavour and ethnicity of our own country! No government has the right to change the ethnic face of Canada, without the express consent of Canadians, and yet you do!

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Do you realize that excessive immigration drives wages down to the poverty level and even lower?
Of course you do.

Do you realize that excessive immigration is completely and utterly destroying the social fabric of our country?
Of course you do.

Do you realize that Canadian students are finding it more and more difficult to get a seat in a suitable university due to the massive numbers of foreign students now usurping the space in our educational institutions?
Of course you do.

Do you realize that it is becoming more and more commonplace for companies in Canada to require that potential employees speak not one of the official languages such as English or French, but any one of a number of foreign languages including Mandarin, Tagalog, Punjabi, and Farsi in order to be eligible for employment?
Of course you do.

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Do you realize that as opposed to 3 or 4 ethnic ghettos, (now referred to as enclaves) of (just) twenty years ago, Canada now has upwards of 265 ethnic ghettos where immigrants have become totally independent of Canadian culture, language and values by purposely isolating themselves from Canada, the country they “chose” to migrate to?
Of course you do.

Do you realize that many of these ethnic enclaves now produce their own news media, including radio, television and newspaper each in their own particular language, thus totally removing themselves from any “outside” Canadian influence?
Of course you do.

Do you realize that many hundreds of thousands of “immigrants” maintain their old country citizenship in addition to their Canadian citizenship, so they may park their families in Canada to take advantage of Canadian social services and other benefits such as medical, while the breadwinner returns to work in his/her home country and thus escape Canadian taxation?
Of course you do.

Do you realize that (Canadian) students, single mothers, and impoverished seniors are unable to obtain employment at even the basic and most menial levels, because these positions also have been absorbed by the excessive numbers of immigrants who will and do work for even less remuneration than the minimum wage requirements of the above mentioned group ?
Of course you do.

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Do you realize that, overall, immigration costs Canadians approximately 23.5 billion dollars ($23,500,000,000) a year, over and above that which it contributes to the Canadian economy?  (free welfare, hospitalization & other Canadian social programs)
Of course you do.

[Read: http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/immigrants-cost-23b-a-year-fraser-institute-report

Do you realize that immigrants who are employed in Canada, take out some 22 billion dollars ($22,000,000,000)  each and every year to send back to their home countries on top of the 23.5 billion dollars ($23,500,000,000) a year they already cost the Canadian economy?
Of course you do.

Do you realize that the politician who has the foresight and wisdom to present as a main plank in his/her platform, a moratorium on all immigration until the results of a Canadian referendum on the matter can be held, and the results incorporated into law, will be recognized by hundreds of thousands, no, millions of citizens as a true Canadian hero, and a man deserving and worthy of the title Prime Minister of Canada? Perhaps you didn’t.  (Bolded, Italicized, capitalized words for added emphasis by ELN Editor)    >Source

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  1. j
    This post described my parents migration to America exactly. They lived in a community of Hungarians, they listened to Hungarian radio programs, They spoke their own language in the community, but english when in other areas. They earned their citizenship by staying the appropriate years, by learning English, by studying the Constitution, etc. They were sworn in after passing the tests. They did, however, give up their old citizenship. They had low wage jobs and sponsors who looked foolish if they embarrassed them with an employer. They paid taxes. My brothers and sister never utilized public education because my parents chose to send us to parochial schools. We never displaced any citizen from a place in education. My father worked for the standard pay of the railroad he worked for, my mother got whatever her employer gave her as a housekeeper.
    Occasionally, Mom sent her mother a five dollar bill, but most times she sent a bundle of used clothing collected from friends.
    What my parents didn’t have was free stuff from Uncle Sam; health care, no, unemployment, none, phones, no, Social Security, not invented yet, Medicare not in existence, food stamps, hah. Somehow they managed to raise four kids on my dad’s wages, and also to send them to private school.They led happy lives. Several times, I heard my mom say that a friend had to go on relief like relief was swallowing poison. Often I asked my Dad if he missed his homeland and wanted to go back. His answer, I am a citizen of the USA.
    Today, I am a great fan of immigrants coming into the country, but only legally. Why? Because I know that without immigration I would never had been born in the USA, but I also believe we are a Nation of Laws, but we choose to follow only those that are relevant to the party in power.
    Every country can benefit from legal immigration, but they must be careful not to allow more people in than they can support at one time. Canada and the USA must insist that immigrants assimilate, and not just set up a chapter of the homeland in our midst. How is that done? Enforce the laws and arrest those who insist on following the laws of their own (like Sharia) that are in conflict with local law. Ban “no go” zones. Insist on speaking the national language by teaching only that in schools. Instead of hiring teachers who can teach in several foreign languages, offer english as an extra study course. Speak only one language in the country in all formal businesses. Local small business can cater to their customers, but large companies should hold the line. I know that competition will tempt large companies to offer “press one for English” and “press two for Swahili” if that gives them the edge. An American or Canadian citizen should never have to press anything to hear the message, It is the one who is too new, or to too lazy who should be forced to press the number to get his language.
    I failed to cover politics. My father’s employer always urged him to vote Democrat, because the Democrats were for the people. Dad never wavered from voting democrat, but he lived his life as a conservative. At age seventy-eight, sixty years after Mom arrived on Ellis Island, she went home for a trip. We all thought she was a citizen. So did she. When my brother helped her apply for a pass port they denied her because she could not prove citizenship. She argued that she had to be a citizen because she had voted in every election since she arrived. She got her passport. Nothing has changed in the past hundred years, politicians are still as corrupt as they have always been.

    1. Big difference between the immigrants of yesteryear and those of today. Like most all European immigrants arriving in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s a certain work ethic prevailed amongst them. In those days working-class jobs were aplenty and only one breadwinner was needed to sustain a large family. And, as you mentioned, a welfare handout was certainly not an option for proud men and women.

      You may have viewed this video before, so for the benefit of other readers, it tells THE story.

      …plus a recent article on Hungary’s border problems with foreign invaders:


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