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The INVASION of incongruent foreigners continues apace without hardly a whimper of protest from a once-proud nationalistic people who are threatened with government-sanctioned laws that prevent them from voicing their valid protests. Imagine, enacted laws strictly enforced to prevent hurting the  feelings of others … commonly described as hate laws.

The indigenous Germans (Deutschländers) have been disarmed by their traitorous political leaders and rendered helpless in preventing such events (as to what the photo below clearly illustrates). Frankly, the billionaire-class of elitists, in concert with their government puppets, don’t give a damn for illiterate and unskilled people from the African continent. Low-IQ Black Africans are simply their introductory “useful idiots” to help drive a wedge between two wholly incompatible races, and thus, hasten the destruction of European ethnic and cultural traditions that took over 10 centuries to stabilize.

Today … Europe is (or was) just too homogeneous and peaceful, so let’s invite tens of millions of Black Africans into Europe to disrupt the hard-won equilibrium of national affairs without having to waste bombs and bullets on them.

Countenance Blog

Sumte, Germany


A German town with blacks running around.

I wonder what that’s like.

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