The Lifeboat Is Full

Herbert Grubel: Canada should NOT open its doors to the world.

The refugee crisis in Europe has prompted many Canadians to demand that the government admit large numbers of refugees for permanent resettlement. Most of these demands are motivated by humanitarian sentiments, but they are also supported by libertarians who argue for unlimited immigration on the grounds that it would benefit all Canadians, just like it has in the past, creating a country of social harmony, high incomes and a quality of life that is one of the best in the world.

A sampling of African invaders who will now “benefit” Germany and “create a country of social harmony”. Only gullible fools believe in those naive sentiments. White European nations already HAD countries of social harmony BEFORE the arrival of these incongruent foreigners.

The [National] Post’s Terence Corcoran recently made this argument (‘Open our doors to the world,’ Sept. 11).

[ELN Editor – “Open our doors to the world”, eh!  Has Corcoran left his door open for the millions of ECONOMIC foreign migrants on the march??]

However, the libertarian analysis is no longer valid in today’s world. First, there is no more fertile empty land on the (Canadian) prairies that requires immigrants to cultivate. In fact, technology used by farmers now is so efficient and labour-saving that people are leaving the land to settle in towns and cities.

[Canadians may learn something here!> ELN Editor]

An influx of new immigrants could bankrupt our welfare state.

Second, the cost and risk of travel are so much lower, while the pool of potential immigrants and the economic gains they can expect are so much larger than ever before in Canada’s history, meaning that an open border would result in a tsunami of immigrants.

Third, immigrants would no longer come from Europe, where populations are declining, but from Asia, Africa and Latin America. […]

[Read: Is Racial Diversity Good for Canada?]

Fourth, many immigrants will be Muslims. Most of them are peaceful and tolerant, but an unknown, potentially large number will be militant jihadists and present a serious threat to Canadian security. […]

[Read: Muslim Violence in Canada]

Fifth, the most important difference between modern Canada and when previous waves of immigrants entered this country is the existence of the welfare state. In the absence of its universal social benefits in the past, only healthy immigrants with strong work ethics, drive and skills came to Canada. Under present conditions, potentially many immigrants would not possess these qualities and impose heavy fiscal burdens on our welfare programs and ultimately bankrupt them. It is for this reason that Milton Friedman, one of the world’s most ardent advocates for human and economic freedom concluded that, “The welfare state and free immigration are incompatible.”

[Read: White Men Need Not Apply]

[…] The difference between the taxes paid and services consumed by (one) average recent immigrant equals about $6,000 annually. Given the total number of these immigrants, the annual fiscal burden on Canadian taxpayers comes to about $30 billion.   >continue to Full Article

(ELN Editor: $30,000,000,000 !! Imagine how, we Canadians, could improve our infrastructure (roads, bridges, hospitals, etc.) with our OWN money every year!]

Herbert Grubel is professor of economics (emeritus) at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. (For added emphasis, Bold, Italicized, and underlined words are by ELN Editor)

Solution: “complete and total immigration shutdown NOW. A national movement to stop all immigration. Either join in the effort or watch your kids’ future spiral into the multicultural hellhole of the future”. – See more at:  – Editor).

P.S. >Young American TV newscaster has a few words for the U.S. President. (Imagine a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) spokesperson speaking on air with the same passion and truth-telling as this young woman did. That won’t happen, so stop dreaming, Canada! Wide-awake Canadians are well aware that the CBC will gushingly favour almost ANY foreign immigrant/refugee over the rights or plights of 2nd place “old stock” Canadians. Read: Truth is Hateful )  We need more TV personalities of this calibre:

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