Welcome Norwich Bulletin readers; this pro-white blog is answering the call by Eric Holder to not be cowards and have a conversation about race

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

If you’ve come to this blog from this Norwich Bulletin article, I welcome you, new reader, and hope you’ll join in the conversation, whether you support, oppose, or fence sit. And if you don’t feel like commenting, I think you’ll find this an interesting and useful source of information on living better in the New America.

It is apparently somehow a bad thing that I operate this “pro-white” blog. Tell me readers, what if it was

A pro-black blog?

A pro-Hispanic blog?

A pro-Jewish blog?

A pro-Asian-American blog?

A pro-Muslim blog (minus the calls for violent jihad of course)?

You know the answer — it would be fine. Does it give you pause that only whites are not allowed to be pro-white? Shouldn’t we be all be fighting this tooth and nail?

Why shouldn’t we have a Congressional White Caucus? Why shouldn’t we have a National Association for White People…

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