Oh Canada! Where To From Here?

Thoughts on the Canadian Election 2015
by Thomas Jones

On October 19th the Liberal party won a majority government with 184 seats whilst the Conservatives have been reduced to 99 seats and the NDP (New Democratic Party) has once again become a third party. Until election day I assumed that there would be a minority government of some description; possibly NDP or Conservative. (Justin) Trudeau managed to make some impressive gains, however, and has brought his party back from obscurity. Pierre Trudeau is treated like a saint and his legacy had an impact on the election’s outcome. That and the general feeling of malaise most Canadians had for a (Stephen) Harper’s near 10-year long reign. Trudeau also had better style and panache. He had a certain joie de vivre his opponents lacked. The popularity contest aspect of democracy was a major factor in the outcome. It has always been one of democracy’s biggest failings.

Trudeau is in many ways a continuation of his famous father. And much like Pierre, Justin is an internationalist. An example of this is Justin’s support for the peace-keeper mythos invented by the Liberal Party. I am no hawk, and especially when it comes to the Middle East, which in my opinion we should leave alone — clearly supporting rebels in Syria, Libya and elsewhere is only making the situation catastrophically terrible — but nor do I have anytime for this peacekeeper nonsense. It means yet more (tax dollars) being wasted on foreign aid. Something SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) adore. They also adore affirmative action policies, and Trudeau and the Liberals are full supporters of such measures. Take for example his commitment to gender parity in the cabinet: this will not magically lead to good governance, and in fact, could lead to quite the opposite as choices will not be based on merit.

His views on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) are harder to gauge at the moment. He has taken a middle-ground approach to it, neither fully endorsing nor fully rejecting it. Given Obama’s support for the project I doubt Trudeau will scrap TPP. As much as I distrust the NDP, I retract my previous statement and concede there was one reason to vote for them … and that was their opposition to the TPP. The implementation of the TPP would not only allow for yet more foreign workers being brought here, but it would also threaten Internet freedom.  …continue reading HERE.

Update: November, 2015

Thirty (30) new cabinet ministers (15 are women) were appointed by Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Some examples:

Harjit Sajjan – Minister of National Defence
Amarjeet Sohi – Minister of Infrastructure and Communities
Navdeep Bains – Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development
Bardish Chagger – Minister of Small Business and Tourism


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