Musical Break & A Poem

 The Traitor Dies

By Michael Walsh

You caused my folk to hate me,
For standing by my race;
You twisted words that I might be,
Both branded and disgraced.
You turned the truth upon its head,
For rogues like you my race has bled,
Now you must pay race traitors price,
The wheel full circle turns.

Love for race described as hate,
Our way of life disdained,
For other race and cultures,
Your love was unrestrained.
For Whites you spat your foulest hate,
Their minds were bent to mix and mate,
And now for you it is too late
Uncovered, you’re condemned.

The wheel has turned full circle,
And yes, my folk will hate,
You traitors, who despoiled us,
Now justice cannot wait.
My folk have shaken off your lies,
Your wicked ways stand undisguised,
Soon the cry; ‘The traitor dies,’
The rope grows tight tonight.


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