Secret EU plot exposed: they are holding an EU-Africa summit to get more immigrants

Remember The 14 Words

The EU illegal immigration crisis just took an unexpected twist – a special EU-Africa Summit is being held in Malta, where EU leaders will be asking African nations for legal Africans immigrants – and will pay for them.
The plan is to send failed asylum seekers home (ones who have no lawful reason to stay), and replace them with “skilled” immigration from African countries. In return the EU rulers will “offer new financial resources” to the African countries.
The EU rulers had tried to keep this a secret, but during an interview, Angela Merkel slipped up and revealed the objective of the summit.
“And of course, we will also ask the question: How can we take, for example, young Africans legally into Germany, when it comes to professions which we have occupational shortages in. It’s enlightening that we have not yet done enough.”
“We will also offer the Africans new…

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