Canadian Left all excited by prospect of 25,000 Syrians to arrive before end of THIS year

Refugee Resettlement Watch

….But, don’t place them in resort lodgings in the woods!

Beaverfoot Lodge Learn more about the beautiful setting of Beaverfoot Lodge:

My alerts from yesterday (BP=Before Paris) are filled with many stories from Canada, from provinces across the entire continent, where citizens are gearing up to “welcome” the Syrian Muslims—25,000 of them—promised by Canada’s new President who is sticking by his pledge to get them relocated in Canadian towns and cities by the end of December.

Lucky Canada!

I had to laugh though about this story—don’t put them in the woods!

We previously reported on how Sweden had made a mistake by offering rustic resort lodgings to Muslim migrants,here.  We were told by readers that it has to do with the trees (where spirits hide!).

Doesn’t that old line—beggars can’t be choosers—come to mind!

From CBC News:

Some refugee advocates have applauded…

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    1. No worries! Lib/leftists will manage to fit a round peg into a square hole, “come hell or high water”. Feelings/emotion trump sound judgement in their little world.

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