Denmark: 46.1% of Muslims surveyed feel Danish law must be based on Sharia

Muslim Statistics

One in four Muslims in Denmark feel that Danish law must be based on Koranic law mixed with basic Danish constitution, while one in ten believe Danish law must be based only on the Koran.

53.9% of the surveyed believe in Danish laws. In other words, the remaining 46.1% of Muslims surveyed want Sharia law in Denmark. The Danes assumed Muslims would integrate and adapt Danish culture. But Muslims can never assimilate since their own religion will not permit assimilation with others.


Translated into English with Bing:

Danish Muslims: Sharia law superior to the national law

Oct 19, 2015

Islam is strengthening its positions in Denmark. One in ten muslims believe that laws should be based entirely on the Koran. Religion takes an increasingly important place in the individual’s life and the majority of the faithful say absolutely no to the reformation of islam.

In Denmark lives…

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