“Special Refugees” Offered Free Access To Canada

From Australian Blogger, OZZIE SAFFA

Canada: LGBT Syrian “refugees” given priority

As you are probably aware by now, Canada lost its marbles a few months ago and elected the most unqualified person to be Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau.

A satellite composite image of Canada.


Trudeau’s father (Pierre) was Canada’s PM from 1968 – 1979, and again from 1980-1984. During his time as PM, Canada experienced inflation, high unemployment and he increased government debt 83% … from $18 billion (to) $200 billion. (See: HERE)

His son, Justin, was elected 2 months ago mainly because of his hair and his charisma. And because he’s a liberal and Canada was clearly tired of having a competent conservative in office, who had paid down the debt, brought down taxes, actually liked Canada and was against the Global Warming nonsense. So … just like Tony Abbott in Australia … Harper had to go, and in came Trudeau, tossing his hair and making stupid promises, which most of Canada bought hook, line and sinker.

Needless to say, the stupid masses elected him, all the while swooning. So, no guesses what Canada will look like after he’s finished with the country. It’ll be like Obama II on steroids.

Part of Justin’s election platform was a promise to bring in 25,000 Syrian “refugees” by the end of 2015. But, when the Paris attack happened, the government decided to only bring in 10,000 by the end of the year, and the rest by February 2016. Slow down the train-crash.

The government also said it would give priority to the “most vulnerable” such as families and women at risk. No lone males would be accepted as refugees.

No sooner were those words out of Trudeau’s mouth, when the LGBT activists in Canada went bat-shit crazy. Didn’t the government know that people from the LGBT community were also persecuted in Syria???  And that community includes Gay men!

So, out trotted the government to clarify that priority would be given to the “most vulnerable” such as families, women at risk AND members of the LGBT community!

Phew! That’s much better. No mention of Christians, Yazidi’s, or Jews being given priority though……

Now, maybe I’m slightly ignorant … but can anyone enlighten me as to how Canada will ensure that only lone males from the LGBT community are being allowed into Canada? How exactly are they going to test these people? And, how are they going to guarantee that no one from the ‘LGBT community’ are actually terroristsposing as Gays and transvestites to get into Canada??

Oh to be a fly on the wall…..

The crux of the matter is that governments the Western world over are falling over themselves to seem the most compassionate towards a people who will never assimilate into our communities

Australia, for example — (when Abbott was still Prime Minister)– announced they’d take in 12,000 of these Syrian ‘refugees’ and priority would be given to Christians and other persecuted religious minorities. When Abbott was “knifed” by Malcolm Turnbull — of the first 4 Syrian families Australia took in under Turnbull, 2 families were Muslims. So there goes that great Abbott idea down the toilet.

The USA seems to be taking in ONLY Muslims. Canada will also ONLY take in Muslims. No telling what England will take in, but more than likely it will also be Muslims. After all, our Western leaders love them Muslims! The more they take in, the more compassionate and non-racist they believe themselves to be.

Germany is taking in 1 million Muslims this year alone, with Merkel is out screeching for more to come to Germany. The welcome mat is still out.

The Crusaders must be rolling in their graves. They fought to keep Muslims out of Europe, and people like Merkel are inviting them in without a fight. And the rest of the West is just as stupid, naive, and gullible. All are tripping over themselves to bring in Musloids.

But, the best is when the (Canadian) media ran to the LGBT community for their comment on the refugees. Vancouver-based Syrian Gay immigrant Danny Ramadan, who volunteers with the organization Rainbow Refugee had this to say:
I just wish that we can actually look at individuals, as people, who are running away from situations that are horrible and running away from terrorism, running away from the Syrian regime, and not look at them as an entity that we need to either support or protect, just look at every single one of them and try to help as much as we can.”

Well Danny, I just wish that you would mention Islam when you make these stupid statements. It’s not the Syrian regime people are fleeing – it’s your farking nut-job religion called ISLAM. They are the ones throwing Gays off buildings, murdering and genociding Christians, Yazidi’s and Jews, and imposing their 7th Century Sharia law in their ‘caliphate’.

You know the Western world has gone crazy when they’re more concerned about LGBT rights in Syria … than stamping out Islam in the West.

We really do deserve what’s coming. We elect these crazy people to throw us to the wolves. Time and again.  >SOURCE [For added emphasis, Bold, underlined, italicized words and links by ELN Editor]

Brampton (Ontario) Flyer

In the next 2 decades …

Brampton Flyer denouncing replacement of European founding people

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BC  


For our American readers.
One rule displayed in this video … follow the MONEY … or there’s NO interest in hypocritical “humanitarian” causes.

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  1. So true! We’re being led by leaders who are taking us, like lemmings, over a cliff towards cultural suicide.

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