Young WHITE People Are Losing Their Faith in the American Dream




The death of the American dream among white youths is documented on this site with every story that pulls back the curtain a little more on the federal government’s (and other institutions) hatred of white people and its policy of race replacement. Of course you’ll lose faith when you’re told over and over since kindergarten that the white race is a sh*t race responsible for every ill the world has ever known and that it should just suicide itself.

The best part of the WaPo story is the comments, many of which tell the truth. Offered below are the first few paragraphs of the WaPo story laying out the main points, infographics from Fusion, then select comments by WaPo readers.

This story about high white middle age death rates posted here on November 3 offers context. White youth are discouraged while older whites are suffering premature deaths.

Washington Post


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