Oh Canada, “Where Art Thou”?

Trampled Under Foot: The Diversity Industry’s Attack On Traditional Canadian Identity

by Brad Salzberg

Canadian history informs us that our country was founded in the year 1867 … but you would never know it by our nation’s leading advocates of ethnic and cultural diversity. For these folks — a loose affiliation of government-supported immigration and multiculturalism organizationsour nation may as well have been founded in 1988, the year the Multicultural Act of Canada first came into existence.

Toronto’s Yonge Street – Circa 1968

At the time, few understood the true impact of this piece of legislation, and in many respects, this continues to be the case. How many Canadians are aware — for example, that for purposes of promoting the cultures of the (foreign) nations from which they came — 20 Billion ($20,000,000,000) tax-payer dollars have been handed to our largest, wealthiest, and best politically organized “ethnic” communities? [See: Immigrants Profit From Gullible Canadians]

[That huge financial cost to Canadian taxpayers is in addition to the net LOSS of $23,000,000,000 per year to support immigrants.]

Considering the multi-faceted effect of this policy, however, the financial aspect is not the worst of it. Indeed, it nearly pales in comparison to how multiculturalism has become as weapon to denigrate and disempower the descendants of the founders of our nation … Canadians of European heritage.

How can this be? For decades Canadians have been (mis-)informed by government and media of the virtues and social benefits of multiculturalism. Has something gone wrong in Canada’s collective journey toward a multi-ethnic utopia?

It darn well has, and if allowed to continue unabated, it will spell the end of Canada as it was defined by the founders of our nation.  …continued HERE.

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