Differential IQ among the races

Fun Video on IQ

The West’s Darkest Hour

Besides the video embedded below, for an introduction of IQ studies the reader might also be interested in a brief entry in this blog, “The Bell Curve.”

Here I reproduce “The New Enemies of Evolutionary Science,” an article by Philippe Rushton of the Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario:

On January 19, 1989, in the Sausalito Room of the San Francisco Hilton Hotel, my life changed forever. I stood before a lectern speaking to a symposium of scientists belonging to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The title of the brief paper I proceeded to present to the meeting was “Evolutionary Biology and Heritable Traits (With Reference to Oriental-White-Black Differences).”

I reviewed the international literature recently published in academic peer-reviewed journals. I summarized data about traits like brain size, temperament, speed of maturation, family structure, and reproductive variables. I tentatively concluded, roughly speaking, that…

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  1. Surely a scientist like that would work out that its not just ‘political correctness’ or a ‘corrupt establishment that refuses to address race in the social sciences’ and blah blah blah whatever else, but that the Jews are deliberately mixing the races so that they can survive.

    And that the Nordic Race is superior as proven by science and our discrimination against every other group, so the Jews lead the subhumans at saying thats ‘evil’, although they can’t disprove it. They say its ‘discredited’, but this only means it leads to ‘holocausts’ and ‘persecution’. And as soon as you say ‘so’ they accuse you of wanting to kill everybody… And yes i do. I absolutely hate the other races.

    We have enough trouble with all the other races, without our own uneducated idiots feeling sorry for them when we try to defend ourselves.

    Once you work out there is racial inequality why not exclude the more worthless ones. It becomes immoral to keep them. Jews know this, that is why they exterminate the Nordic Race. If only our people wouldnt feel sorry for all these bludgers ie syrians.

    The Nordic Race should ignore all complaints by subhumans and breed up a super army to kill all these Jews and inferior bilge and in doing so do what evolution wants. The instincts are in us. The others are ugly.

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