Nearly Two-Thirds of Syrian “Refugees” (Parasites) in Germany are Functionally Illiterate



Migrants who destroy your genes and your culture aren’t a very good deal for the host. When they cost you your economic solvency at the same time, they are a doubly bad deal.

Hmmm. Deal? Is there someone out there who knows the art of the deal? I hope so, because the West is getting screwed by migrant populations. Even a German economics professor says so.

Excerpt from the The Daily Caller via the American Thinker

An economics professor at the University of Munich says that 65% of refugees arriving in Germany “fail to meet international standards on basic reading and writing skills,” making them functionally illiterate.

That means that hundreds of thousands of adult refugees will likely fail to get a job to support themselves and their families, burdening the German welfare system for the next quarter-century.

Daily Caller:

“With two-thirds of young Syrians…

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