‘Unbound Philanthropy’ exposed as big donor behind open borders movement/refugee resettlement/Trump protests

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Thanks to Ed for sending this great investigative piece by Lee Stranahan atBreitbart on Unbound Philanthropy and its big kahuna William Reeves (and wifey Debbie Berger).  What a coincidence too, the pair is from Hawaii (bff Obama?).

bill-reeves-house (1) Update: Reeves and Bergers ‘house’ in Hawaii, thanks to Ed!   How many refugees could be housed here? 

Stranahan tells us that when Trump was protested in Arizona and California a few months ago, the groups protesting were recipients of Reeves’ largess.

Know the enemy!  Read Stranahan’s article by clicking here.

We wrote about Reeves in 2011

Bill-Reeves Know the enemy! Bill Reeves is bringing in the third world to colonize your towns, change our culture and make sure fewer low-skilled American citizens have jobs. http://www.thelearningcoalition.org/about-the-learning-coalition/our-founders/

I’m posting in full my post from February 2011.  I was most interested in the connection between Unbound Philanthropy’s role in helping create that damn Shelbyville…

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