Media (MSM) Discrimination Against Ethnic Europeans


Mike Walsh

Wherever I travelled in the world and picked up a newspaper or periodical, I was in no doubt that I was in their country. Not once did I get an impression of anti-European prejudice. Whether I was in Nigeria or Buenos Aires, the Far East or Iran, there was tangible and positive priority media coverage given to matters of (their) national interest.

This is not the case in the West where (MSM) media treats ethnic Europeans as second-class citizens.

Media emphasis and sentiment is strikingly anti-White. I now have first-hand experience of what it was like to be a kâfir in apartheid South Africa. Western media (MSM) pivots on “positive discrimination“, a euphemism for treating ethnic Europeans with contempt. This impression is common wherever Western mainstream media contaminates and pollutes. Media bias is heavily slanted in favour of NONEuropeans; blatant unfairness is directed against ethnic Europeans.

Self-hating, anti-European prejudice in Western media is most noticeable in refugee-crisis news stories. Protesting ethnic Europeans are described as “mobs”, disapproval dismissed as “racist rants”; protesters who express indignation at being robbed are stigmatised as “xenophobic haters”.

Costs of the “refugee” crisis borne by ethnic Europeans are airily dismissed, immigrant-fueled crime rate is censored, protests are blue-penciled (altered, abridged, canceled), or readers are left in no doubt that ethnic European indignation is “mean-spirited”. You scratch your head; ‘is this newspaper, or news channel … refugee-funded or owned?’

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.” >>Edward Bernays, Circa 1920

During (the) Olympics … there were so many blacks featured in media (MSM) that one was left thinking; ‘is this the BBC’s African broadcast? Is this the Daily Mail’s West African edition?’  The (false) impression given was that NON-European participation in the Games was supreme, and sporting victories were almost entirely NON-White. Inviting an academic friend to engage in a little research, we discovered that NONEuropeans took up something like 80% of media coverage — all of which was positive. Yet, in Olympic sports events … NON-Europeans represented only about 5% of the total of participants.

In my opinion, any race-conscious European who creates an Ethnic European Alternative Media (The International European) will from day one, vacuum up a betrayed reservoir of millions of betrayed and dispirited ethnic Europeans.  >Source  (For emphasis, Bold, underlined, italicized words and links by ELN Ed.)

(For Canadian readers who regularly read the Toronto Star’s print edition … try counting the number of photos displaying NON-whites on almost every page.

Astute observers will also note the glaring absence of photos of 2 or more White persons exclusively alone in any one picture. Their photo displays are almost never published without having the obligatory and token NONwhite face included amongst White people.

As this observance has been ongoing event for about twenty years, it seems that a secret editorial policy demands NON-white people to be included in all group photos where White people gather. This sleight-of-hand PR campaign is deceptively designed to bolster the phony concept of inclusive “multiculturalism” as being a roaring success, when in fact … it is an abject FAILURE as it was meant to be!

So… what does Donald Trump say about our analysis of this mass media deception?  >ELN Editor)

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