Reasonable Arguments Concerning “Immigrants”

Just Following The Words of Gandhi

By Vanishing American II

On the old blog … I was frequently told by various somebodies (probably trying to sound a moderate note versus my ”immoderate” one) that ”of course, immigrants aren’t to blame; they are just pawns, being used by the Elites against us” … or some variation thereof.

But by that reasoning, suppose someone is hired to break into someone else’s house. Is only the person who recruits and hires him to blame, or is the one doing the actual crime not to blame at all, as he is just doing a job, or ‘just a pawn‘? No, both are culpable. Presumably the one who allows himself to be used (for money or for personal gain in other ways) has dishonest habits and low character, or he would not be doing the dirty work for any reason. The man being used as a pawn is also gaining by the act, in some way, so he has his own motives.

It’s no different with immigrants, especially the illegal ones who jump borders, or the frauds who claim to be in “danger of death” when they are not, or falsely claim to be from a “war-torn country”. They may be ”pawns” of the elites because the elites want Third-World warm bodies of any sort, here; as many as they can possibly cram into our country. But the frauds and the illegal trespassers are willing to do illegal and immoral and hostile acts to gain entry. So all are to blame.

So why are people trying to absolve these people from any culpability, and to make it “naughtyto have a dislike for dishonest and immoral people?  …continue reading HERE.

(For added emphasis, some bold, underlined and italicized words by ELN Editor)

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