To the glory of Mammon

The West’s Darkest Hour


“The Cathedrals were built to the glory of God; New York was built to the glory of Mammon.”

—Kenneth Clark


(From Francis Parker’s Yockey’s The Enemy of Europe🙂

For the purpose of demonstrating with the utmost clarity the elements of the two world-outlooks in this period of Western history between the Second and Third World Wars, a paradigm is appended:

Primacy of the Spirit / Materialism

Will-to-Power / Will-to-Riches

Rank as social distinction / Wealth as social distinction

Society as organism / Society as a collection of individuals

Fulfilment of Duty / “Pursuit of happiness”

Absolute will to biological fertility / Race-suicide, birth control

Hierarchy / Equality

Aristocracy / Plutocracy

Sexual polarity / Feminism

Order / Freedom

Cultivation of soldierly virtues / Cult of bourgeois virtues

Eroticism as legitimate source of joy and fertility / Eroticism as vice, the cult of immorality

Affirmation of War and Conquest…

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