Better To Vote For “The Devil” You Know

Thoughts on the Canadian Election 2015

by Thomas Jones

On October 19, 2015 the Liberal party [of Canada] won a majority government with 184 seats whilst the Conservatives have been reduced to 99 seats, and the NDP (New Democratic Party) has once again become a third party.

Until election day, I assumed that there would be a minority government of some description; possibly NDP or Conservative. (Justin) Trudeau managed to make some impressive gains, however, and has brought his party back from obscurity.

English: Pierre Trudeau speaking at a fundrais... Pierre Trudeau (his late father) is treated like a saint, and his legacy had an impact on the election’s outcome. That, and the general feeling of malaise most Canadians had for a (Stephen) Harper’s near 10-year long reign.

Trudeau also had better style and panache. He had a certain joie de vivre his opponents lacked. The popularity contest aspect of democracy was a major factor in the outcome. It has always been one of democracy’s biggest failings.

Trudeau is in many ways a continuation of his famous father. And much like Pierre … Justin is an internationalist. An example of this is Justin’s support for the peacekeeper mythos invented by the Liberal Party.

I am no hawk, and especially when it comes to the Middle East, which in my opinion we should leave alone … clearly supporting rebels in Syria, Libya and elsewhere, is only making the situation catastrophically terrible — but nor do I have any time for this “peacekeeper” nonsense. It means, yet more (tax dollars) being wasted on foreign aid … something SJWs adore.

They also adore affirmative action policies, and Trudeau and the Liberals are full supporters of such measures. Take for example, his commitment to gender parity in the cabinet: this will not magically lead to good governance, and in fact, could lead to quite the opposite, as choices will not be based on merit.

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His views on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) are harder to gauge at the moment. He has taken a middle-ground approach to it, neither fully endorsing nor fully rejecting it. Given Obama’s support for the project I doubt Trudeau will scrap the TPP. As much as I distrust the NDP, I retract my previous statement and concede there was one reason to vote for them and that was their opposition to the TPP. The implementation of the TPP would not only allow for yet more foreign workers being brought here, but it would also threaten internet freedom.

NAIVE Justin Trudeau who thinks Chinamen are Liberal “supporters” … instead of (tribal) racialists who exploit our values.  Read:  New Chinese Political Party IN CANADA … and Re-Colonizing Canada

One potential scandal that didn’t get too much coverage is of the connections between Justin Trudeau and ex-Liberal MP for Richmond, British Columbia, Raymond ChanBob Mackin states that both the Tories and the NDP are aware of this issue, and have attempted to raise it before, but it seems the Liberals have managed to keep this more or less, under the radar.

Evidently Chan has connections to dirty Chinese money which isn’t hard to believe given how Chinese Richmond is and how much illicit money comes into this country from the PRC. Connections with corrupt Chinese businessmen and politicians is hardly “real change”.

The Liberals historically haven’t been too great for Euro-Canadians, and given Trudeau’s support for affirmative action, an increase in our intake of ‘refugees’, and the continuation of his (late) father’s already well-entrenched multiculturalism policy appears more than likely; I have no hope for him.

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Is Burlington TOO White?]

As with the NDP, Trudeau was more than eager to jump on, perhaps the most enduring controversy, of this past election: Harper’s “old-stock Canadian” comment.

His rivals were quick to jump on that comment and said it was “racist”. I heard this again and again on social media, and people were quick to make references to the National Citizens Coalition which wants smaller government and lower taxes. Evidently, many were under the impression it is a White nationalist organization. So what if it is?  Clearly Harper has rejected whatever White identity politics they may, or may not espouse.

Cuckservative Stephen Harper trying to outshine his rivals by pandering to ethnic voters.

NDP Bill Tieleman was one of many, to make reference to Harper’s association with that group, and believed “old stock Canadians” was a tactic to cause fear and division to win votes. However, Tieleman and others like him, were also engaging in fear and division when they make the Conservatives out to be “hate-filled racists” targeting (NON-white) minorities. Harper should have OWNED the quote.

It really didn’t matter how he attempted to wave it off, as no matter what, he was going to be labeled a “racist”. Same goes for his stance against niqabs in citizenship ceremonies, and his unwillingness to launch an inquiry into murdered Amerindian women. Harper was also damned as “racist” for trying to woo immigrant voters with anti-Trudeau ads. The Conservatives are wrong to think they can use mass migration to their advantage.

ActOfLoveGiven that the Liberals were just as willing as the NDP to promote the issues of NON-whites first, I think it is clear the Conservatives will have to change their strategy. They can either continue down the road of the “cuck(servative)”, and blindly ape their more vigorous leftist opponents, or they can stand up for their own heritage and people.

[“See, we have Black friends … so we’re not racists!”]White Canadians are conditioned to scorn their own heritage and to fawn over all other races.  According to the ruling orthodoxy, admiration of NON-whites is “tolerance and love“, but perversely … admiration of your fellow Whites is “racist”.]

The Conservative Party (much like centre-right parties throughout the West) need to promote White identity because that is their base. So long as centre-right parties in the West such as our Conservative Party, or the Australian Liberals or the GOP continue to ape the left there can be no revival of conservatism. If these parties do not care about the people who invented their conservative philosophy, then they should really stop pretending to care about said philosophy, as it won’t survive the displacement of Europeans.

The left has always wanted to destroy the nation-state, and they may succeed in doing this thanks to the willingness of rightist parties to follow their lead, and toe the line they create. For example, as Gerry T. Neal notes, although it was Pierre Trudeau who set a target for the number of immigrants needed to be brought in per year, it was (former Conservative PM) Brian Mulroney who raised the target to exceptionally high numbers. It has remained high ever since.

I often fear the damage done by journalists and the “great march through the universities“, may be too pronounced. It is “wrong” to point out that there are differences between disparate groups, or that Western values are indeed Western and are under threat by incoming of masses of non-Westerners.

Studies into the matter, don’t “hold water”, for many. Reports on crimes committed by NON-whites are waved away and ignored. It has almost become a crime to speak out against illegal immigration … never mind legal. Just look at how many call Donald Trump a “racist” for wanting to combat illegal immigration, even though he fully supports legal migration. But at least, there are figures like him around. If they can allow for more open resistance to the internationalist (New World Order), “progressive” narrative, then greater are the chances that there can be a more open and honest discussion on issues like immigration and multiculturalism, instead of just simply stating “diversity is strength“, or some other (Orwellian) “newspeak” phrase.

The overton window has been pushed far too much to the left, and it is high time it was pushed rightwards again. This will not happen, however, until the “cuckservatives” in our midst are replaced.  >Source

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