WHITE South Africans Need Help

Use own discretion when donating fundshttp://www.safrpsa.org/

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Over half a million desperately poor White South Africans are forced to live in makeshift shantytowns similar to this one pictured above. Sanitation is deplorable because there are  no indoor toilets, no running water and no electricity. Health/dental care is negligible. White citizens are DENIED jobs and welfare benefits due to their race.  The 8% White-minority population is LESS than 5 million in this Black-governed, Black-majority nation of 55 million people.

Western newspapers are quick in promoting the plights of NON-white “refugees” flowing into our nations, yet they completely ignore the known facts of White genocide being waged against Euro-White South Africans. A collective form of suicidal madness seems to have gripped White Western nations when welcoming hordes of incompatible migrant invaders onto our soil when the real deserving refugees are left behind and completely ignored.

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