Canada’s Rapidly Changing Racial Demography

By Gordon Chong

An EKOS poll conducted last March found over 40% of Canadians surveyed felt Canada was admitting too many visible minorities (NON-whites).

Although EKOS founder and president Frank Graves allowed that this could reflect socioeconomic angst, he went on to say, “it’s hard not to see how those saying too many immigrants are visible-minority can be motivated by anything but racial or cultural bias” and that this “should alarm anyone who believes in an open and tolerant society.” These conclusions may be welcomed by those who see racists lurking in every corner, but they do not necessarily reflect what is actually happening.

Another explanation could be that some Canadians — both native-born and immigrants — are growing weary of having their generosity abused. They may be getting fed-up with (foreign) newcomers (some, not all) who arrive in Canada and immediately tell us what they don’t like about us and our values, then aggressively set about to change our legal and religious principles, rather than adapting themselves to our norms. If they find Canada repugnant, why did they leave their countries of origin and exhaust every possible avenue to come here?

They are aided and abetted in these efforts by a cohort of zealous anti-racist activists who never hesitate to play the race card. Many claim the mantle of victim-hood as a legacy of their ancestors, who were the true victims.

They, however, are nothing more than “pseudo-victims” who have appropriated the processes of established democratic institutions forged by the very colonial powers they despise. They have learned how to use these levers to get their revenge on what they say is Canada’s “racist” society and institutions of today.

Ironically, it is only in a western democratic country like Canada that they have the freedom to do this. In that context, have Canadians fashioned a global image of ourselves as a collection of soft-headed masochists, willing to twist ourselves into pretzels to accommodate every race hustler’s whim?

Have we grown so timid that we now simply capitulate to every public pronouncement by a growing contingent of both foreign-born and Canadian-grown anti-racist pseudo-victims, bent on extracting their pound of flesh from Canadians in 2016?

If so … why?  Canada — while by no means perfect — has evolved into an inclusive, tolerant society accommodating reasonable change over time.

What is troubling is that we are being repaid with ingratitude and aggressive arrogance by some who wallow in self-pity and use the past as a club to silence “most good White men,” as Ujjal Dosanjh the former federal Liberal cabinet minister and NDP premier of British Columbia, has rightly put it.

As a “half-breed” myself — “mixed-race” in contemporary terms — I was immersed in racism at an early age. My White, English mother’s family disowned her. Eventually, my mother came to regret her life. Growing up, I could not avoid this very real racism in the bosom of my family.

That is why I regard the actions of today’s pseudo-victims, as well as governments’ well-intentioned social engineering efforts, as often misguided and counterproductive.

Canadians have been reluctant to publicly discuss such concerns because there is no shortage of opportunists in the “anti-racism” movement who will reflexively denounce them as “racists” in order to short-circuit rational discussion.


We must stiffen our spines and stop the self-flagellation.  >Source

(For added emphasis, Bolded, italicized, underlined words and links by ELN Editor)

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