Pubs and clubs in German town of Freiburg forbid refugees


freiberg germany line at clubs

Slowly, step-by-painful step, dune coons … er … refugees … er … parasites in Germany are learning that not every German is willing to put up with their sh*tty turd world behavior.

Businesses that serve alcohol must preserve the peace, which is hard to do with Muslim gropers and rapists infiltrating the places where Western man goes to meet Western woman.

Freiburg, Germany prides itself on being the country’s “Green City,” a friendly, open place where a family of four is more likely to own a tandem bike than a station wagon. On Saturday, however, the small city on the edge of the Black Forest in the south of the country was splashed across the German media for a much different reason – the decision by a group of clubs and bars to keep refugees out.

According to reports, a wave of pickpocketing and sexual assaults preceded the decision…

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