Never Surrender!

By Vanishing American II

No political correctness
Ban Political Correctness

Some Pushback?

It seems that no corner of the Internet is safe from the PC vigilantes out there. There are those politically correct pharisees who are ever ready to take offense at something said, or something not said; to be insulted or outraged at images that are shown and by the lack of images. Example in real life: a reader insinuates that a Tumblr blogger is racist because she ‘only blogs [images of] White people.’ Lack of diversity equals proof of ”racism” in today’s hyper-charged world of political correctness.

The blogger replies in a slightly defensive way about not blogging enough images of ‘diversity’, or perhaps about having too much Whiteness on the blog. As someone on the alt-right pointed out … diversity means ‘fewer White people.’

I was a little dismayed to see the young lady blogger going on the defensive, even if only a little. I’ve come to believe that it’s a losing tactic to explain, apologize, or to make any kind of concession to the accuser. Those responses are just read as weakness by the accusers. Ceding ground to them — even a little — is a mistake.

(See: Story UPDATE)

And besides, if we believe that we’ve done nothing wrong, violated no law and no moral precept by not includingdiversities’ gratuitously in everything we do … then why apologize or offer to appease?

It’s depressing that this society has produced so many lefty busybodies who make it their life’s work to take offense on behalf of other people, and that’s in addition to the ‘victim classes’ whose very identity is wholly invested in being victimized and oppressed.  >>continued here.

(For added emphasis, bolded, underlined and italicized words and links by ELN Editor)

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