ANTI-White Agenda

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World Population: 7,435,000,000 (BILLION)

NON-whites: 92%

Euro-Whites: 8%

WHITE Women (child-bearing age): 2%

Some commentary:

My wife and I were aware of this anti-white racism years ago. So, we’ve raised our children to be proud of our ethnic heritage. All our dolls have been white. Anything else would be self-loathing. We’ve also gone out of our way to attend cultural events that match our ethnicity. There’s no reason to be ignorant of our own culture. Telling me to do otherwise is racist against my race.”


This is micro aggression against white little girls, by the standards of The Far Left, yet those brain dead “Liberal” extremists will continue to deny their own intense hypocrisy. Anything to make white little children feel guilty about being white is “brave” social justice to those anti-white race haters.

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