Women’s Right To Vote

By Irish Savant

WITHDRAW Women’s Right to Vote

Let me be clear here. When I refer to women’s right to vote, I mean voting on affairs of state — not on The X Factor or Big Brother — contests for which they’re eminently suited. But … my suggestion is probably futile anyway — because that particular “boat” has long sailed and won’t be returning to port any time soon. Our best hope is that it founders on the rocky shoals of reality with all aboard perishing in a watery grave.

Open Source = Communism

Why the animus? Because it’s clear that everything which besets and torments us today, can be traced back to the entry of women into politics with their strings expertly pulled by Cultural Marxist nation-wreckers, such as those of the Frankfurt School. Their success can be judged by the pitiful state of the White male today.

[See: ANTI-White Brainwashing]

Discriminated against at every turn — the butt of every joke in the media — walking on eggshells lest an innocuous comment offends some protected group — edged out of jobs, college places and promotions, while the Government seizes at least half of his income which then ends up with the very groups who dispossess him.

[See: “A Racial Program for the 20th Century”]

Should he succeed against the odds in getting into a good university, he’ll discover to his horror that they’re no longer elite intellectual forums.  No … he’ll find that (universities) are virtual daycare centres for delicate “snowflakes” protected from upsetting contrarian opinion (and) Cultural Marxist brainwashing laboratories with academic courses dumbed-down to accommodate minorities admitted under AA quotas. (Sociology degrees? Here, take one.)

[See: 45 Declared Communist Goals]

Should he decide to start a business, he’ll find himself swamped with equal employment, health and safety, environmental and legal requirements and a government bureaucracy which works at every hand-turn to frustrate him and drain away his earnings. And woe betide him should he marry — his house and children forfeit … should his wife decide to up and leave.

And there are deeper economic and social implications. The bogus ‘fairness‘ and ‘equality‘ doctrines have created a huge and growing welfare-class, one where the state replaces the traditional roles of fathers and husband roles by enthusiastically catering for baby mamas’ bastard spawn.

The replacement of merit by (bogus) “fairness” has had catastrophic impact on standards everywhere as women and other “suffering” minorities get shoehorned into positions beyond their capabilities. Say goodbye to bridges that don’t collapse and the economic wonders that women and other minorities take for granted.

And women succumb to the worst forms of xenophilia, leading the welcome for the swarthy hordes of invaders currently swarming across our borders. (Female support is massively under-represented – by orders of magnitude – for Europe’s “far-right” (ha!) parties, and similarly over-represented for kumbayaparties like the Greens). trudeau-obamaCanadian PM Trudeau & U.S President Obama (2016)

It’s no surprise that women vote disproportionately for such liberal, left-wing and kumbaya-style policies, and the politicians that espouse them. (Obama would not have been elected had voting been confined to men.)

Betty Naomi Goldstein Friedan
Friedan (Betty Naomi Goldstein)

Because, despite the claims of man-jawed feminists (and their snivelling ‘male’ acolytes pretending to enjoy their cultural annihilation) — women are different. Very different. I mean, have you ever heard of a man who gave birth to a baby? And those differences render [women] unsuitable for deciding on important matters of state.  >Source


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  1. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    **clearing my throat**
    Worth the read. If you are female, hold your breath until you get about 1/3 way through lol.

    One thing I can say is I am blessed to know so many intelligent women who vote with KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH. The only WAR ON WOMEN is brought to America BY the LIBERALS and they have enhanced that effort by allowing #muslims into our nation.

    “It’s no surprise that women vote disproportionately for such liberal, left-wing and kumbaya-style policies, and the politicians that espouse them. (Obama would not have been elected had voting been confined to men.)”

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