Have some fun at USA Spending.gov! $296 million went to Lutherans since Obama took office!

It must be obvious to any intelligent person having concluded that this massive “refugee” migration is but an instrument of mass destruction of western nations.

There’s an agenda at work here which has absolutely no relation to “rescuing” foreign migrants from around the world and transplanting them into our Euro-White towns across our respective nations … and then having the privilege of paying BILLIONS of dollars/Euros for support costs.

Politicians and “charitable” organizations are nothing more than highly-paid lackeys who follow directions from their masters sitting on top of this pyramid scheme.

Champagne elitists living in their elaborate mansions and possessing several luxury automobiles parked on enormous estates are running this show, and they care not one whit about so-called “suffering refugees”.

“Divide and conquer” is the agenda here. The more strife and chaos caused by wholly-incompatible peoples squeezed into once homogeneous communities … then all that much better for the hidden rulers who manage this agenda.

Create the PROBLEM >>> Experience the REACTION >>> Create the SOLUTION

New World Order!

American Resistance 2016!

The other day I suggested that each and every one of you can be an investigative reporter, see that post by clicking here.

So here we are, a winter weekend, can’t do much outdoors, and maybe you aren’t into the Super Bowl, so how about having fun searching for how much of your hard earned tax dollars are going to charities—especially to ‘religious’ charities pretending to be doing the Lord’s work while spending your money!

USA Spending graphicI haven’t written about USA Spending.gov for awhile, so last night when a reader asked about a local Catholic Charities, I tried that government website again.  It is much improved because it now contains the sub-grants in addition to the amounts that are direct grants.  I think there was a grace period for grantees to get their information on sub-grants to USA Spending.gov, but they are there now.  (Here is a bit of…

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