Justin Trudeau Starts Early


Justin Trudeau: Canada is a postnational state

Lloyd Fournier : Lloyd is the founder of Thunderbird Rising (Thunderbird rising.com) and the recent recipient of a Humanitarian Award, an author (novels) and a freelance writer. His drill down style of writing is a throw back to classic journalism - completely objective and well researched. His work presents the reader opportunity to rethink issues.

Now that Justin Trudeau has finally found a job, he has devised a sure-fire way to hang onto it.

Justin Trudeau has it figured out. Here comes another 100,000 guaranteed Lieberal voters.

Snakeheads: “Snakeheads use various methods to get their customers to the West. They may employ the use of stolen or altered passports, improperly obtained visas, and bribes to move people from nation to nation until they arrive at their final destination. They also may use fake business delegations and tour groups as a way of beating immigration controls. The rate of payment for successful smuggling can be as high as US$70,000. (or a promise to vote for Trudeau).

Forget about helping Aboriginal people – they have him already figured out. They knew his daddy.  Forget about seniors and others surviving on low/fixed incomes.  They aren’t “middle class” enough for Justin.


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