Trump from a EuroCanadian Perspective

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by Thomas Jones

A few months ago when (Donald) Trump was beginning his incredible campaign, a minor politician in Vancouver (British Columbia), city councillor Kerry Jang, demanded that the planned Trump Tower in Vancouver have its name changed to signal disapproval of Trump’s “racism”.

VANCOUVER – Trump Tower  will stand at 616 feet when completed this year.

Jangacting as if the Chinese were the new owners of Vancouver — said that Trump was a “bigot” who stood against the Canadian values of “diversity”.

People like Jang dislike any sense of White identity … no matter how implicit it may be. What matters most to the Yin and Jangs is the utilization of White leftist ideas to promote the ethnic interests of Chinese in Canada, a people who come from a most racist culture, yet rarely waste a word about it.

[See: New Chinese Political Party in CANADA]

Prime Minister Mackenzie King’s 1947 announcement in the House:

“The people of Canada do not wish, as a result of mass immigration, to make a fundamental alteration in the character of our population. Large-scale immigration from the Orient would change the fundamental composition of the Canadian population.”

Moreover, despite all the myriad differences and disputes between NON-white activists … at the end of the day they have a common enemy that unites them: European identity.

Vested interests aside, it is clear that a great deal of progressive anti-Trump feeling is being driven by an elite leftist coalition with so-called “conservatives”. Both sides are willing to stir up issues on race in order to coerce common people into siding with them.

Liberals support naturalization because it will allow them to gain new voters. Cheap labour is, of course, another issue and there is also the fact that migration is big business. Internationalist thought has been so widely spread that it has influenced plenty of big-money types like Zuckerberg.

Trump is against further intervention in Ukraine … better relations with Russia, not toppling regimes that keep the peace, increasing taxes on the wealthy and lowering taxes for the middle and working classes; positions that also resonated with a great many liberal voters in the recent Canadian elections, and would bring jobs back to the USTrump has also called out the Chinese government for its unlawful practice of currency manipulation.

Yet he is called a “racist” and a “fascist” for daring to call for stricter immigration laws as regards Muslims … and illegals. What is especially great from Trump is that he is self-funding and is not beholden to special interest groups. He is outside the corrupt politico-media-business elite. The moneyed elite cares not for what is best for the whole, but what seems to be best for them personally; moreover, a great many of them have fallen for internationalist dogma to some degree. He is anti-establishment and genuinely popular … and yet your average “anti-establishment” leftist hates Trump. They side with big money, the GOP elite and the mainstream media; they are thus tools of the establishment.

[Jesse Ventura Endorses Trump]

We see similar narratives with other anti-establishment figures like Nigel Farage and Marine le Pen. They, and other rightists who don’t promote mainstream views, are all demonized by the powers-that-be and generally painted with the same brush regardless of whether or not they actually have differing views. “Fascist” is a favourite term for the left and fake conservatives to use in reference to such people who in reality are quite moderate. No, obviously Trump and other anti-establishment rightists are not fascists, and let us actually quote a fascist, Sir Oswald Mosely, about said ideology:

There is no Fascist state, and fascism does not exist. It was a national creed which died in the Thirties.

Recent controversies regarding Trump’s immigration plans have led to calls that his plans are “unconstitutional”. The 1790 and 1924 immigration acts are evidence that strict immigration laws are not unconstitutional.

After the 1979 Iranian revolution, Jimmy Carter put a brief moratorium on Iranian migration and even went so far as to force 50,000 Iranian students then living in the United States report to an immigration office but the overton window has moved dramatically since then.

Indeed, nothing about Western civilization supported multiculturalism and mass immigration until cultural Marxism so terribly distorted our civilization and deracinated us. But, well before this recent Muslim issue came about, the conservative elite in the US was against Trump, as we have just witnessed with the anti-Trump stand of the magazine National Review and media giant Fox news.

[Defining Moments of Political INcorrectness – Trump]

The GOP elite and the left will claim to be about the constitution but they have been distorting and re-interpreting it if not outright ignoring it for decades. Despite right’s claims of being against welfare and PC policies of left and despite the left’s claims against big business connections of the right, and despite collective calls from both sides for democracy, they are actually both for what they claim to stand against.

The conservatives have proven to be unimaginative cucks who bow to every leftist whim and the left, for its part, as always, twists and distorts for the gain of an elite few with utopian dreams about “unity through diversity“. For all its pandering to patriotism and tradition the modern conservative movement throughout the West is a cultural lapdog of the left and would much rather work with them than with fellow rightists.

Take for example in Sweden where there is a pact between the right and left against the Swedish Democrats. The left almost never engages in such tactics against those further to the left. This is why there is no condemning of far-left parties like Podemos, SYRIZA, Die Linke, Front de gauche, Vänsterpartiet and even avowed communist parties — all of whom are — at best, ignored or treated like benign institutions looking out for “the little guy”, instead of the extremists they truly are.   >to FULL ARTICLE

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