“The Apes Are Loose:” Students Against Racism Burn Paintings of White People


students burn paintings2

Africa must be placed on a strict regimen of birth control if civilization is to survive. The embedded video below shows clearly the African’s hatred of whitey and his lack of respect for art.

Published on Feb 17, 2016

South African UTC students in Cape Town have burned art, books, literature, paintings and anything connected to the “White Devil” that has allegedly been oppressing them in a movement called “Rhodes Must Fall”. Black students drenched historic paintings and writings in gasoline, set art and books dating back centuries on fire, purposefully vandalized property of the university, sprayed graffiti like “the apes are loose” and threatened the lives of Whites in the area. They sang and danced in celebration of destroying “white colonizer art” and “throwing off the shackles of the white oppression”. They later went on to set buses and offices on fire.

students burn paintings whites

Self proclaimed “Social Justice Warriors” in the…

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