FINLAND “You Can’t Fix Stupid”

Finland’s Flag

By Lime Lite

Well … thank goodness the government-controlled YTE media group in FINLAND has finally decided to “spill the beans” on how women CAN STOP BEING RAPED! 

If only they’d released this video years ago, millions of women could have prevented these crimes from happening!

You see … according to the video below, women only have to hold up their hands in a “STOP” gesture. Or — even better — use two hands. And if they’re really genius — use a handbag to fend off their attacker/s!  Who knew it was this simple?? If only women had known …

You have to hand it to the Liberal media … they are THAT DELUSIONAL in thinking that by putting this cutesy video together is going to stop:

1. Finnish females from being targeted by Muslims and 3rd world NON-whites for rape;
2. And, subtly blame White Finnish males for the RAPE CRISIS by using a White male model in this video.  Why not use a Muslim or a NON-white model, you know … those (actually) responsible for the RAPE CRISIS in their country?

ACTUAL BILLBOARD located in an AFRICAN Country!

Firstly, I am no expert, but having women hold their arms out straight while making the “stop” sign, only allows the attacker to put a woman in a wrist-lock.

Secondly, the video fails to explain what a woman is supposed to do if she is tackled to the ground from behind, holding her down, instead of meekly grabbing her arm??

The reality of a REAL LIFE ATTACK by a foreign migrant in Italy.

Swedish Police Chief warns “Muslims WILL rape you — so don’t go out after sunset“.

Or what should a woman do if there’s a gang of men attacking her? Maybe that’s in the follow-up video, which is yet to be completed. After all, it can’t be easy having the Lefty media twits decide how best to instruct women to protect themselves from the same “refugees” and “immigrants” the media worship on a daily basis.

Reality is a b*tch.

I guess when you live on the Liberal planet known as Planet Cuckoo, all the criminals are nice people who are very respectful when they attack you – as shown in the video. I mean, what other criminals, apart from those living on Planet Cuckoo would back off so sheepishly when a woman uses a ‘stop‘ gesture?

This video reminds me of the stupid Liberals in America suggesting that there should be signed “safe zone’s” all over the place, where women can run if they’re being attacked. Because, somehow, jumping into a marked ‘safe zone‘ will stop an attack.

“Whew”, that was close! I’m safe now!

You can’t fix stupid. You can only point and laugh at it – LOUDLY.   >Source

…plus, it gets even crazier!? (Update: April 2016)

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