They Don’t Want Us Cowed, They Want Us Dead

Deconstructing Leftism

Well, duh, many of you are saying. But the desire of the left to destroy us has become pretty open recently.

Jim Goad said “If I don’t work I’ll starve. If I don’t write I’ll die.” It’s Saturday and not being one of the smart set I have a lot of work to do, but some things can’t wait.

I have seen comment threads on the Atlantic quickly go to “conservatives are scum and will die off soon” answered by “violent revolution may occur” answered by “good you rednecks think you are tough but we have a lot more guns and are looking forward to the opportunity to wipe you out.”

So leftists are quite confident a general collapse would just mean they can mobilize their loyal intelligence, police and probably military assets to wipe out their enemies for good. Commenter JMS at Rod Dreher’s blog says he would prefer…

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