NON-whites Wanted in Canadian Politics

From CTV News

People from 15 cultural communities packed a room in Montreal’s most-diverse neighbourhood to discuss one issue: why aren’t more of them in politics?

[Note how msm journalists use “most-diverse” (whatever that means) instead of “racially diverse” which is more descriptive of the participants. ELN Editor]

Across Canada members of visible minorities (NON-whites) are under-represented at all levels of government.

Abdul Muttalib is one of many who thinks that needs to change.

We feel like we’re neglected. We don’t have participation neither in the federal government or Quebec government, nor city of Montreal, nor the police of Montreal,” said Muttalib.

think discrimination and other issues needs to be minimized in that case there should be more visible minority participation in all levels of government.”

[Note all the usual buzzwords used to gain sympathy from gullible Canadians – “neglected”, lack of “participation”, “discrimination”. Perhaps Muttalib should quickly return to his own nation where he won’t feel so “neglected”. ELN Editor]

Montreal city councillor Marvin Rotrand agrees wholeheartedly.

Right now we know there are only six elected officials who are visible minorities in the whole of the agglomeration out of 208 and that’s got to change,” said Rotrand.

[Note there’s no explanation as to why that has “got to change”. Native Indians were here long before “visible-minorities” began immigrating to Canada en masse in the 1980s, and “1st Nation people” seldom whine about lack of political power.  Read: Race Diversity – But WHY?    ELN Editor]

Despite Montreal being the hub for diversity in (the province of) Quebec, many people at Tuesday’s meeting said they simply did not know how to become politically active.

Some said they wanted parties to reach out to them to promote candidates.

Claude Dauphin, the borough mayor for Lachine, said that was a distinct possibility.

I think in Montreal because we have political parties, should be easier to attract visible minorities, because each leader of the party have to sign their application at the end,” he said.

Peter Francis of the Black Coalition of Quebec said it is also up to visible minorities to work together.

[Read: Canada’s Black Population ]

At the end of the day we have the power to vote. And we have approximately 600,000 minority individuals in Montreal and just based on those numbers alone over 30 percent, 40 percent… If we have a strategy and we unite with fellow francophones and anglophones who believe in social justice we can pretty much effect whatever change we want,” said Francis.

[Their primary motive is to gain political power over White Canadians on OUR own land. We Canadians, gave them a safe White-established, 1st world country to migrate to, then offered them free social welfare services, then through employment-equity programs we gave up our jobs and promotions to many unqualified “visible-minorities”, and they now seek political power to take over our towns and cities! Here’s another example story how these ungrateful foreigners eventually try to usurp our power structure to serve their own ends: Is BURLINGTON Too White?  ELN Editor]

By the end of the evening many had agreed to open more dialogue between their fellow minority community members and develop a united front.  Source

[A “united front” against whom, you ask? Obviously, that would be WHITE Canadians, eh?  ELN Editor]

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