Female Bloggers

Readers may be unaware of several female bloggers who post/write valued material on their own blogs that contribute to the knowledge-base of those seeking intelligent and alternative sources of information, as opposed to much of the mind-numbing, spoon-fed gibberish dispensed by your highly-controlled newspaper and television organizations.

I (a White male) want to highlight a few blogs operated by women (that I’m aware) who deserve greater attention, and to encourage you to bookmark the following links for future reading references. If you know of other female bloggers who carry similar memes, please leave their links in the comment section for further evaluation. So … in no particular order, the following links are all found in my right sidebar:  (Note: the country suffix found in the URL does not always reflect their actual base location.)

Vanishing American II (USA)

Canadian Immigration Reform (Canada)

Ozzie Saffa (Australia)

Radio3Fourteen (Sweden?)

Aryan Street (USA)

White Wraithe (USA)

Refugee Resettlement WATCH (USA)

Enza Ferreri (UK)

Sarah, Maid of Albion (Britain) No longer active, but still valued.

Issues & Views (USA) No longer active, but still valued.

…and YOU could also:

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