GDP Is A Misleading Metric

ELN Editor Note: When reading this short essay by PaxCanadiana, (for those old enough to remember) please reflect back on the relative higher standard of living that Canadian middle-class families experienced before mass 3rd-world immigration was unceremoniously imposed on us beginning in the 1970s/1980s.

Canada Today: Major Immigrant-Source Countries:

Population of China: 1,377,000,000 BILLION
Population of India:   1,325,000,000 BILLION

Population of Pakistan192,000,000 MILLION

Population of The Philippines: 102,000,000 MILLION
Population of Canada:   36,000,000 MILLION

By PaxCanadiana

GDP Is A Misleading Metric

Proponents of mass immigration often point out how immigration contributes positively to increasing the country’s GDP.  While this may be true, it doesn’t provide a complete picture because GPD doesn’t measure the overall standard of living, or quality of life of a population.

(GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) is the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period. ELN Editor)

A nation’s GDP can increase, while the quality of life of its citizens can stagnate (or) even decline.  For example an individual can work twelve hour days, seven days a week, and that will contribute to the GPD but not provide a very favourable lifestyle.  However, if this individual decided to take a day off each week for leisurely pursuits, then this wouldn’t be recorded in GPD measurements since leisure isn’t measured, but that leisure time would improve that individual’s quality of life.  And a life of constant work — especially at a job that brings little fulfillment beyond financial need, with no time for leisure … is a life not worth living.

Let’s look at the obvious fact that immigrants take up space.  This means they drive up demand for housing.  They also buy and drive cars.  They also get sick and need to see a doctor.  They also need a job to pay for all of this … among other things.  All of this contributes to growing the GDP since their demand for goods and services is a measurable activity when calculating GDP numbers.

However, by driving up the demand for housing they also drive up the cost of living since the suppliers of housing can increase prices.  This means more disposable income is going to housing instead of meeting other needs.  They drive cars and clog up our already clogged up highways and city streets causing greater commute times and lost productivity, to say nothing of the pollution they create.

When they get sick, they fill up our emergency rooms and hospitals, giving Canada one of the worst wait times in the industrialized world.  None of this is taken into account in measuring the GDP.  As for incomes, immigration has had little, if any positive effect on income levels and most likely helps to keep real incomes stagnant which means …   >continue to Full Report.

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