“First They Came To Remove Old, White Guy”

 By , Toronto Sun

Peel police board shakeup ripped

Laurie Williamson

“First they came to remove old, white guy”  says Laurie Williamson as (now former) chair of the Peel Police Services Board because of his support for police checks.

Now they have “fired” the board’s executive director and his assistant … without cause.

 (Photo) Mississauga News

 Who’s next?

“I am worried they could be coming next for the chief,”  said Williamson. “God knows because so much of what the board does now is done in secret.”  (Updated to June 17, 2016 — It appears the “long knives” have begun: read HERE.  )

 Jennifer Evans, Chief of Police

While Williamson still has an appointment on the board, he was not chosen again to be its chair in a vote in January.

And he says he was “stunned” with the dismissal of board executive director Fred Biro over a number of things, including disagreements over street checks.

Williamson says he would like to have the reasons, and costs, addressed publicly in the next meeting on June 24.

The problem: Williamson’s appointment expires June 12 (2016).

“It has all been timed very well,” the Mississauga car dealer said Tuesday. “If I don’t get reappointed by the province, I may not be able to raise this. But when it comes to taxpayers’ money, I don’t need to do it in a meeting.”  (UPDATE: Williamson was NOT reappointed.)

Instead, he addressed it with me. ()

“We are talking way more than $500,000 spent to let go of two very good people without cause, who have served Peel (Regional) Police for a long time,” Williamson said.

  Peel Region is a large “county-sized” governing-body adjacent to the City of Toronto – ELN Editor)

City of Mississauga, Ontario (Peel Region)

“I was told I was not supported for chair because of my position to keep street checks and because I am an ‘old, white businessman’ and they need more visible minorities (NON-white foreigners) on the board.” […]

(New) CHAIR Amrik (Singh) Ahluwalia has yet to respond, but he told other media that changes are required to move the board into a new direction (my emphasis).   …continue to FULL REPORT (all emphases and added links by – ELN Editor)

 IMMIGRANT Amrik Singh Ahluwalia — BORN in INDIA — is now in charge of a Police Board overseeing Canadas 3rd largest police force.  Local boy makes good in Canada.

Amrik Singh Ahluwalia is the new chair of the Peel Police Services Board.

Photo by Carlos Osorio / Toronto Star

Is this Ahluwalia’s intended “new direction” he has for OUR Canada??

Changing Canada

(Editor’s Note:   FULL STOP … right here.

Newspaper columnists are restricted to what they can or cannot categorically state in Canada’s stifling “politically-correct” environment. Any reader with an ounce of cognitive discernment can easily see this issue as a tribal power-play by Anti-White forces attempting to usurp control over our Canadian political structures.

“WE are gaining ground now … just a little more pull and then he’s all ours!”

NON-whites know White Canadians won’t fight back because the inevitable “race card” can be played anytime, and Whites abhor being called “racist”. 

“Yeah … take my job, take my nation, or even take my life .. but don’t call me a ‘racist’, eh?”

This same scenario is played over and over again, yet “nice” Canadians are too stupid, too gullible, too politically-correct, or too naively “progressive” to notice how back-room deals are designed to DISPLACE traditional “old stock” White Canadians with a newer model that will surely appeal to newly-arrived foreigners who see Canada as “ripe for the taking”.  And — “take it” they will — when given the opportunity.

[Related:   ANTI-White Police Hiring Policies]

But the important question remains … WHY do White Canadians genuflect before foreign-born arrivals while ignoring our own people in these leadership roles??  How did White Canadians manage our own affairs BEFORE imposing “affirmative action” policies into our work places about 30 years ago ??  [Read:  Wake Up, Canada]

TORONTO recently appointed its first Black police chief who is also foreign-born. He was one of 2 Black immigrant, high-ranking deputy-chiefs vying for the same top-job in Canada’s largest city, and BLACKS are composed of just 2% or 3% of Canada’s population. Another foreigner, Alok Mukherjee (Chairman of the Toronto Police Services Board 2005-2015) was also born in INDIA. That post can be read HERE.

…and while on topic, let’s look at “internationalist” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s choice of Canada’s newest (foreign-born) Defence Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan … now appointed to lead CANADAs Military Defence Forces!

Just another case of not enough Canadian-born citizens willing to accept these prestigious jobs, I suppose!?  Imagine the government of INDIA appointing a foreign-born White European as its Defence Minister (Raksha Mantri) for that nation!   Just won’t happen!

Some 35 years ago … a trickle of  unnecessary, NON-white foreigners from 3rd-world countries began landing on our soil as legal immigrants. But — since 1990 — that turned into a relentless “flood” of 5,000 incompatible foreigners PER WEEK !

[Proportion of Visible Minorities (NON-whites) for ALL of CANADA, 1981-2001Stats Canada]

Update for 2016NON-whites (excluding Native Indians) are now about 21% of Canada’s population. The pattern is clear! Euro-White Canadians are being DISPLACED at a rapid pace.

Being “nice Canadians”, we did our utmost to accommodate these foreigners in our ready-made infrastructure they had no part in building, yet we generously provided them with our free welfare benefits, free education, free hospital services, subsidized housing, etc. etc. all paid with our earned tax-dollars to help establish these newly-arrived foreigners into our Canada. Foolishly, we followed up with “employment equity” programs that pushed aside qualified White Canadian workers so to accommodate unqualified NON-white foreigners with Canadian government jobs and job promotions based strictly on their race.

(See: No Punjabi? No Job For Canadian Nurse!

WHITE Men Need Not Apply

Any country which does not protect its majority population through limitations on immigration, invites the contempt of the immigrants who have entered its territory and who have become a majority in a part, or the whole of its territory.”

High School students from a “Canadian” High School in Markham, Ontario (adjacent to Toronto’s northern boundary.) >>SPOT the White Students!

With each passing year, as more and more NON-white foreigners arrived in Canada, their vast numbers (now over 8 million!) has eroded our majority White population that was approximately 95% … as recently as 1981.

Today, Canada’s White population is now less than 77% (probably 75%) … and continues to drop every year as Euro-White Canadians rapidly become a minority race in our own nation-state of 36 million people.

The entire world’s population has about 7, 500, 000, 000 (BILLION) people but only 8% are of White European heritage, so why are “old stock” White Canadians — whose previous generations stretch back to the very beginning of establishing our nation in 1867 — now relinquishing title to OUR land through mass immigration to the world’s NON-white population which comprise of the other 92% ??  Here’s … WHY!

South Asians, Chinese, Filipinos, Blacks now have a large presence in our formerly White cities and towns.

For example, the cities of Brampton and Mississauga in Peel Region are now (apparently) reduced to only 40% White European, so the whole of Canada is destined to become a White-minority nation in only a few more decades … IF mass 3rd world immigration is not stopped immediately, and in conjunction with NOT foolishly handing over our political power structures piece-by-piece to “newcomers” and their progeny.

To further understand this race-based power game, Elizabeth Wright (now deceased) offers an excellent synopsis in … this post.]

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