This Is ENGLAND Today!

The “Trojan Horse” has breached the gates. What now, Britain??

sharia-law-uk copy

ANTI-WHITE people and organizations are working night and day to transform “Great” Britain into this:

London(istan): Muslims crowding on Trafalgar Square; Muslim terror attacks 2005;
preacher saying the Islamist way ‘thanks for your hospitality‘; London school children from everywhere … BUT Britain.    H/T to:

Cultural Marxists demand this scenario in all European schools! NOT Somalia … but a Class Photo in an Elementary School in SWEDEN Today!

LOOK at the REAL England of the 1960s.


Can SWEDEN Survive Multi-Racialism?


ENGLAND – From Titan to Defeatism

How Britain Destroyed Itself

Vanishing England


Is Burlington TOO White?


Tasmania, Australia – “Too White”


JAPAN Prefers Racial Homogeneity

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