Canadian Tolerance Severely Tested

Will Grits stop immigration fraud?

The report included a laundry list of criticisms levied against security and immigration officials. Concerns included security agencies, such as the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), failing to share important information about criminals applying for citizenship, and government officials ignoring existing problems with applicants, or accepting fraudulent documents without proper vetting.

Canada’s citizenship laws prevent those with criminal backgrounds from being eligible for citizenship, and yet, the auditor general found several cases where citizenship was granted to a person who had committed crimes in Canada.

[See:  Report Illegal Immigrants]

The report also found cases of people using phony addresses to meet residency requirements. Officials failed to stop one fraud ring that saw at least 50 different applicants using the same address. The auditor general looked into 49 cases of potential residency fraud and found that in 18, citizenship officials didn’t even follow up to see if the person actually met the residency requirements.

Thanks to this incompetence, which spans several government bureaucracies, dozens of (foreign) people received Canadian citizenship without fulfilling residency requirements or passing criminal background checks.

Some citizenship cheats have already become citizens; they were sworn in and now enjoy all the privileges and benefits of being Canadian, including access to education, health care and social services. These fraudsters now have the right to vote in elections and to travel with a Canadian passport.

This government failure not only makes Canada vulnerable to those who take advantage of our generosity, it also raises serious security concerns.

This is the same government department that just fast-tracked the sponsorship and resettlement of 25,000 Syrian refugees in just a few months. They plan on admitting another 25,000 refugees in 2016. [For a total similar to the population as Cornwall, Ontario founded in the year 1784]     (Added emphases and links by Editor)    >to full report.

[Read:  Canadian Soldiers’ Living Spaces Given To Syrian “Refugees”]

[Also remember to add the INCOMING 280,000 new foreign immigrants, PLUS 25,000 other foreign “refugees“, PLUS another 200,000+ “temporary” foreign workers, PLUS 336,500 foreign “students” … just for this year alone!]  If you thought all these foreigners were a benefit to our nation … you thought wrong. Look at the horrendous dollar cost to Canadian taxpayers!  Click HERE  (right sidebar)

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