You Hate Yourselves and Long For Death

Unthinkable Thought

A picture worth a thousand words.

The self-satisfied smiles. The vacant, lobotomized expressions. The arms overflowing with genetically dissimilar infants riddled with tubes and tape.

The manifestation of the middle class death impulse. A slow suicide committed publicly, in real time.

This past Sunday, my gorgeous wife – a white evangelical, like me — gave birth to our beautiful African-American triplet daughters whom we adopted as embryos. 

There is nothing more illustrative of the extent to which “diversity” has morphed into full blown anti-white racial antipathy, how completely this hatred has been internalized, and how firmly it has become lodged in the white psyche.

Knowing that it is often more challenging to find adoptive homes in the United States for non-Caucasian children we informed the agency that we were willing to accept any child except a fully Caucasian child.

The middle class death impulse, as aided and abetted by…

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