Better One Day As A Lion

By Mike Walsh

I occasionally browse online mainstream media (MSM). It is a depressing foray into a world of make-believe. How does one come to terms with tens of millions of their folk being in its thrall?

folks true powerPlebeians are not seeking news or information, nor are they looking for enlightenment. Mainstream media (MSM) is a sanctuary for voyeurs of distraction and trivia. Like moths to the flame, the masses — the greatest escape artists of all time — are drawn to anything that will shield them from reality.

The grassroots fear anything that requires them to leave the comfort of their animal farm pens with televised slop buckets for their occasional self-delusional edification. People don’t want the truth … because they don’t want their delusions destroyed.


Ethnic Europeans are corralled by “hill farmers” (Jews); rounded up by “sheepdogs” (media) and prodded by “farmhands” (police) … they baa-baa their dismay as they’re prodded through abattoir (slaughter-house) doors.

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Purchase on Amazon

Ethnic Europeans will die out as a distinct species if they are constantly reminded by media of their “degeneracy”, “inferiority” and their “worthlessness”. Why save something that isn’t worth saving?

Ethnic Europeans should be constantly reminded that they are one billion (a thousand million) strong; reminded that there are only 14.7 million “farmers” aided by a minority of “sheepdogs” and “handlers”. One billion ethnic Europeans should be reminded of Benito Mussolini’s truism: “It is far better to live one day as a lion than a lifetime as a sheep.”

Turn our rifles around: One billion ethnic Europeans will rise only when mutually-supportive online alternative media refrain from echoing mainstream media’s defeatism.

Welcome to a Company Called Defeatism Inc.

Welcome to a Company Called Defeatism Inc.

When co-operating Europeans use their information-channels to remind our folk that they are the majority and successfully turning the tables on race-renegades, then their fury will be unleashed. Our German kin in 1933 gave us the beacon, which they passed to us by example. Follow the light of the beacon. Arriba Europa!  (Some emphases added by Editor)>>Source

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