Multiculturalism = Problem > Reaction > Solution

Changing Canada Canadians were NEVER asked, nor consulted before imposing this radical “change” in OUR nation!

By PaxCanadiana

Multiculturalism:   A Government Policy That Creates Social Problems Where None Before Existed (Only For The Government To Offer Itself as the Solution to The Social Problems It Created).

I’ve come across many attempts to define what multiculturalism is … and most of them are wanting, but not for a lack of trying.  They seem vague and unsure of themselves.

I find multiculturalism as a concept so ill-defined that I don’t think anyone really knows how to actually describe it without resorting to platitudes, and appealing to the broad ideals of mutual respect and tolerance.  That is, until I watched this video in which its creator states that diversity just creates social problems where none existed before, and I said “THAT’S IT!”  That’s exactly what multiculturalism is.  It’s a government program that only creates problems where there weren’t problems before.

It’s getting tiresome to read and hear comments stating Canada has always been a “multicultural country” and being ignorant of the fact that multiculturalism as social policy was ONLY born out of political convenience for the Liberal Party of Canada in the early 1970s.

Prior to that … CANADA was very confident and comfortable with itself being a country of the British Commonwealth founded by the English and French languages; by European settlers; and rooted in EUROPEAN thought, culture, and traditions.

   Everything was going great … until some pompous ass came along and f**ked everything up.

(C.N.E.) Canadian National Exhibition in 97% WHITE majority Toronto of 1968 BEFORE 3rd world, multi-Racialism was imposed on us.)

Multiculturalism has not contributed anything of significant worth to Canada, or to Canadians.  It exists solely as a political tool to manipulate ethnic voting blocs into delivering their votes to a particular political party come election day which was its initial intent all along.

SOMALI -born refugee, Canada‘s IMMIGRATION Minister!

INDIA-born, Harjit Singh Sajjan, Canada‘s Military DEFENCE Minister !

Amrik Singh Ahluwalia is the new chair of the Peel Police Services Board.           INDIA-born, Amrik Singh Ahluwalia, Canada’s 3rd largest municipal Police Force (Peel Region), Commission CHAIRMAN

INDIA-born Alok Mukherjee, Former Police Commission CHAIRMAN of Canada’s largest municipal Police force, and FOREIGNborn Mark Saunders, Toronto POLICE CHIEF !

[ Editors Note:  HOW did Canadians ever able to manage these prestigious positions in our own nation BEFORE these NONwhite foreigners usurped these top-tier jobs for themselves??  Millions of White Canadians must not have applied for them, eh? ]
Outside of that … all it has done for us is to disrupt social cohesion by fragmenting our cities into ethnic enclaves/colonies.  It produces societal headaches by fostering resentment among ethnic groups who seek political power and influence by competing with each other for government largesse.
Because of multiculturalism, governmental affairs are now bogged down with identity politics distracting it from addressing more pertinent concerns which it would be doing, were it not allowed to distract itself with multicultural non-issues in the first place.  It lets government appear to govern without actually governing.  >>more in FULL Article.   (Photos, Video and graph added by ELN Editor)


Three White “useful idiots” appear completely oblivious to the significance of this telling photo arrangement. According to Stats Canada — WHITE Canadians are expected to become a 20% MINORITY race on our OWN soil in less than 90 years!
Photo Source

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  1. Our many complaints against our politicians in Canada, Australia, America, UK, and nowadays the rest of Europe, are exceedingly similar, particularly where immigration and human rights are concerned. We’re all mainly taking aim at our politicians who seem to have more to gain from schmoozing each other than in keeping us (their electorates) happy. I don’t think they know or believe that we are a very large global blogging community, exchanging ideas that express our anger at the way we’re all being treated, like a bunch of monkeys – or mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed bullshit!

    1. Yes, the “solution” is to stop watching their brainwashing mechanisms (TV) and stop reading their newspapers. Instead, seek out alternative news sources via the Internet while we still can.

      Better yet … start your own news blog containing your own personal opinions.

      Good article:

      …also this article from may be of interest to you and other Australians:

      1. Good advice. I find a lot of good groups on Facebook despite its leftist tendencies. There are many thousands of us who are similarly concerned about the gradual changes in our societies due to immigration from the very worst possible cultures.

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