Madrid: Thousands Rally against non-white Invasion

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Thousands of Spanish patriots turned out today to show their support for the Hogar Social Madrid (HSM) organization’s call to march against the nonwhite invasion and in favor of putting Spanish people first.

The huge crowd—which snaked through the city for blocks—marched under banners calling for an end to the invasion and chanted “Refugees no, Spanish yes,” among other slogans.


The rally was held in coordination with a similar march in Rome, organized by the Casapound Italia organization, and took place despite an attempt by the communist party mayor of Madrid to ban the march.

The main slogan under which the rally was organized was “Defend Spain, defend your people” and started from the Plaza de Spain, ending in the Plaza del Dos de Mayo.

Many attendees wore shirts with the HSM logo, which bear slogans such as “Defend Europe,” “Revolt against the modern world,”…

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