To “Flight” Or Not


Map of the United States with the Pan-African ... United States of America

Vanishing American

Have any of you read this piece?

It is along the lines of the ongoing discussion we had a while back ‘fight or flight?’ – asking whether there was anyplace to go to evade the onslaught of forced demographic change.

A persistent belief among many of the proponents of ‘flight” is that The Northwest is the promised land.

This idea persists: Pastor Chuck Baldwin writes about his decision to head for Montana. His motivations may have more to do with being among ‘freedom-minded people‘ than with seeking a remnant of old America, so his story may not be typical. But it’s an inescapable fact that areas which are demographically transformed become more ”liberal”, inevitably.


Another persistent line of thought is that the South is ‘lost’ and that it should be abandoned to its…

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