Suicidal WHITE SOCIETIES All Around The World

Death-Chatterton-LHenry Wallis: “The Death of Thomas Chatterton” – Poet who poisoned himself to DEATH. H/T  The West’s Darkest Hour

By Val Koinen

In my most recent post (here) I provided a brief spintro and a link to a recent essay by Pat Buchanan which examines the deteriorating stature (and prestige, and influence, and power) of American White people (and particularly of White men).

Since then, I have come across several other articles which drove home numerous related aspects of that same message — the declining vitality and social/political health of our White people here in America, which was once not so long ago, recognized as one of the greatest nations on the planet (and not coincidentally, essentially a White nation).

And not just in America — the degradation of White societies, destruction of White nations, and White racial suicide/genocide are rapidly gaining momentum in other parts of the world as well.

Class Photo – Elementary School in SWEDEN Today!

Canadian High School in Markham, Ontario (outside of Toronto)

Thanks Whitey, for building a safe and prosperous nation these past 150 years … BUT, we’ll take over now!”

And that set me to thinking (for the umpteenth time):  If we Whites do not do something about our dire situation, do something substantive, and do it now, we and our progeny are facing a very bleak future indeed in these, what once were, our countries.

Remember The 14 Words

If you read, or even just scan these articles, I think you will very quickly see what I am writing about … and will understand my concerns.

Maybe the problem is at least partly a result of the way we raise our children.  And more to the point, the way so many Americans remain intellectual and social children well into adulthood.  First up is this article, written by a psychiatrist, which makes a pretty convincing case to that effect.


Looking further into the topic of the ‘ruination’ of White people in America, and especially of White males, this article makes it clear that the beatdown of our people that is so much in vogue these days, continues well beyond the way we raise our children.  It is an actively pursued obsession of so many of the leftist professors in our colleges and universities, all too many of whom are (surprise, surprise) either NON-White or of the Jewish persuasion.

It seems that being ‘White‘ is tantamount to being worthless, racist, cruel, evil, exploitative, and on and on ad nauseam; whereas we are literally required to exalt, glorify, support, and extend special status and favors to members of just about every other groupnon-Whites of all shades, radical feminists, sexual deviants and perverts; you name it.

Fred Reed offers some additional insightful commentary about our colleges and today’s college students, even many of the White ones, in this article.

So then, what are the consequences of our people being ‘the way they are‘?

Paul Craig Roberts provides some of the answers in this essay, with regard to the national, governmental, and international arenas.  Frightening stuff.  Even without a single reference to Jews, Israelis, or the Israel Lobby (oh, yeah, in one place he does refer to the Zionist, ultra-wealthy, supposed Donald Trump-backer Sheldon Adelson, but Roberts doesn’t specifically identify him as the Jew he is, or bother to mention all the other wealthy Jews backing Clinton (including George Soros and Haim Saban), or the fact that openly socialist Bernie Sanders is a Jew).  >>continue reading HERE.

(For added emphasis, italicized, bolded, and/or underlined words and video/photo insertions are by ELN Editor)




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