If you aren’t an Islamophobe today you are very naive

Refugee Resettlement Watch

The word Islamophobe was of course coined by the Islamists and their friends on the political left as a way to mock and silence anyone who fears Islam.  But, there is much to fear as we saw in Orlando yesterday.

Just a few minutes ago I turned on CNN and watched news commentators twist themselves into pretzels trying to decide if the Orlando slaughter of 50 members of the gay community by an avowed ISIS supporter was a hate crime or an act of Islamic terror. It is both of course because Islam hates homosexuals.

Muslim killings This was making its way around twitter yesterday. It is outdated and doesn’t include San Bernardino, Paris or Belgium. Now the greatest mass murder in American history needs to be added as well.

Not too long ago I wrote a post at my other blog about how each of you must educate yourselves about Islam…

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