Curse of the Mongrel


”The Mongrel sometimes believes he transcends Racial squabbles, and can see things clearer because he is comprised of two parts. But the Mongrel can never transcend anything because the Roots are Polluted and the Consciousness deformed. This is called The Curse of the Mongrel.”

It is in the mongrel nature to abuse women, (and animals) they are the product of mistreatment against women passed on from their fathers and ancestors as they all are products of rape and sneaky market selection – resulting in the most worthless ”men” you can imagine. Fat, dumb, impulsive, sugar-loving, base mongrel filth daring to talk about our (environmental relative) lousy women while theirs are filth themselves (environmental manifestation) with their twerking in mosques, anal obsession, big-mouthed vile talking and lack of initiative.

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