New Brunswick School Taught Hard Lessons

Changing Canada Canadians were NOT asked to be DISPLACED!

Are gullible Canadians beginning to see the REAL picture yet?? 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s recent folly of having naively welcomed over 25,000 (plus another expected 25,000) incompatible Syrian FOREIGNERS and having them “seeded” into some of Canada’s most fertile White homogeneous areas are teaching young Canadian students the hard lessons of just how “multiculturalism” works AGAINST … a nation’s people!


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Canadian Maritimes: Still So White, Immigration 1815-1867/Today

“The Maritimes,” sometimes called “the Atlantic provinces,” include the four smallest provinces of Canada:  Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland.  >read more.


“Diversity” Experience – A Harsh Teacher

“Special Refugees” Given Free Access To Canada

…OTHER Nations’ Experiences

SWEDISH School – “She’s not Muslim enough”

School Rapes UP 100% (England)

SWEDEN – Tops In Rapes

Raped in Oslo, NORWAY

Muslim Rape Violence in FRANCE

…and, ROMANIANS say “NO” to “refugees” … or else!



  1. Stick that in your pocket, Angela Merkel! The people of eastern Europe are not idiots like in Germany. They know the dangers of mass Muslim immigration.

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