Canada – BEFORE Non-white Immigration

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by Ricardo Duchesne

TORONTO Subway Station (Circa 1967)

Toronto Subway 1960s

Canada 96.8% WHITE: Immigration from 1914 to 1967

Most Canadians prior to WWII were not immigrants, but descendants of families born and created as a new people on the soil of Canada. (Founded in 1867)

Many immigrants (settlers) started to arrive after 1815 — particularly in the 1830s and 1840s — and between 1895 and 1914 — but the overwhelming number of these immigrants were compatriots from the British Isles … including a smaller number of European Whites.

A family of Ukrainian immigrants in Quebec City 1897
UKRAINIAN settlers arriving in Quebec City – 1897
English: Arrival of immigrants at Union Statio...
EUROPEAN Settlers arrive at Union Station
Toronto, Canada.
Circa 1910

We have also seen that if we were to abide by the dictionary definitions of “pioneer,” “settler,” and “immigrant,” rather than the newspeak of cultural MARXISTS, we would have to conclude that almost ALL immigrants to Canada prior to 1914 (really prior to 1945) were pioneers and settlers…  rather than “immigrants”.

“… YESTERDAY’s immigrants were handed nothing for free and they made no demands. [Unlike today,] they didn’t walk off the plane into a comfy, warm, tax-funded city apartment or motel room, meet with their tax-funded immigration lawyer, and start whining about their religious or cultural ‘rights‘.” >more HERE.

English: German immigrants at Quebec City, Canada.
(1911) GERMAN Settler family arrive at Quebec City
– NO free welfare, NO free health care, NO nothing! Father went to work immediately … or they all went hungry!

It was only after World War II (1945) that “Immigrants” (in the true sense of this word) began arriving in Canada.

From 1914 to 1967, many immigrants were still British and almost all of them WHITE. I am designating these incomers as “immigrants,” — not in a negative sense — but in the sense they arrived in a country already built with British and French political institutions, values, languages, and religious traditions. These post-1945 immigrants did not settle in farmsteads or new frontiers … but in highly modernized cities. […]

City of TORONTO – 1943   (Rare colour film – No sound)

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So… What is this guy’s agenda?? finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy.gif


CANADA’s Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau (Circa 2017)


In the year 1941 … 44% of immigrants in Canada were born in the British Isles. Canada’s population was 97.7% WHITE Canadian … a higher proportion than in 1911 at 97% White. There were only 170,241 Jews, 34,627 Chinese and 22,174Negroes“.(Canada’s (1941) population: 11,506,000 people.  Source)

By 1950CANADA was close to maturity … The old simplicity of the work of forest and field had been replaced by the highly complicated patterns of modern industrial living. The typical Canadians were no longer the settlers and pioneers seeking new homes in the wilderness, but farm-owners and wage earners searching for security in a country that was already built up (p. 401).

Finnish immigrants in Kanada
FINNISH immigrants in Canada – (circa)  late-1940s
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Sunday Music Break, Loreena McKennitt – “Star of the County Down”

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Loreena McKennitt, (born Feb. 17, 1957 in Manitoba) is a Canadian singer, composer, harpist, accordionist and pianist who also writes, records and performs world music with Celtic and Middle Eastern themes. Ms. McKennitt is known for her refined and clear dramatic soprano vocals. She has sold more than 14 million records worldwide (Wikipedia). She lives in STRATFORD, Ontario, home of Canada’s Stratford Shakespeare Festival.  Her website:

Multicultural Sweden to Investigate Sex Lives of Swedes Amid Reports of Less Sex



swedish girls

Does the Swedish government really expect to get honest answers from the Muslim residents of that once fair land? If, so, the government survey forms had better include boxes to check for sex with goats, dogs, chickens, sheep, cats, etc. And there MUST be boxes for sex via groping, forced rape, and so forth.

It appears that a multicultural society is also a stressed out society where trust is lacking and so are normal sexual relations.

I hypothesize that the presence of vile Muslim scumbag males in Sweden has poisoned the sexual atmosphere, creating distrust between men and women, with the women becoming wary of all men instead of demanding that the Muslim dirtbags be kicked back to their sand dunes.

gang-rape-victim1 sweden


Sweden is launching a three-year official study of its citizens’ sex lives – the first for 20…

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Good Bye Sweden!

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Class Photo – Elementary School in SWEDEN Today!
“Multiculturalism” code for White-ethnic cleansing!


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How To Destroy a Nation WITHOUT War

Two European Nations – 80 Years Apart

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Indigenous IRISH citizens — Ireland 2016


Germany (Deutschland) 1936 circa

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Canada: Diversity is soooo beautiful! Is this website for real?


Refugee Resettlement Watch

This is rich!  At a Somali website, a guy named Mohamud is blasting the Chinese in Canada. I thought all this multiculturalism was going to be so wonderful and we would all be “strengthened” by it.

Welcome to British Columbia sign along the Cassiar Highway, British Columbia and Yukon border, Canada. Welcome to British Columbia sign along the Cassiar Highway, British Columbia and Yukon border, Canada.

Editor’s note: Normally I’m a prude and don’t post profanity, but I am making an exception this time so you can get the full flavor of Mohamud’s comment.

From Somalispot (an online forum) on the topic: 100,000 Chinese millionaire immigrants in Vancouver

They are actual fucking cancer. Like BC is giving away our land to foreigners who have ZERO intentions of staying.

People who will never in a million years apply for citizenship and thus will never be taxed nor add to Canada’s revenue. Just google the water ordeal. Wallahi you’ll cry. Just google Nestlé and BC to see…

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Top Posts for the last week; road trip review (so far!)


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rrw-logo-1Oh gosh, where do I begin to tell you about Refugee Resettlement Watch‘s road trip.  My head is spinning with all I’ve heard and seen and it would take me hours to tell you.

First, though, below are the top three posts of the week.  Sorry I haven’t written much, but between driving and meeting, I’m finding little time for the computer.  By the way, I am now 1,500 miles from home and am taking the day off. I got a beautiful hotel room at a bargain price and can spend all day here just catching up. (The room has a long counter-like work station and I am spread out!).

The number one post here surpasses the others by a huge margin:

Twin Falls elected officials getting blow back in rape case; they are NOT the victims

Our fact sheet***

Refugee news roundup! Trump is the only hope for America…

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The Challenge of Living In a Blue-Pill World

Free Speech, U.S.A.

ELN Editor’s Note: Red pill” and blue pill are pop-culture terms that became common symbols for the choice of remaining in the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue), or acknowledging the sometimes painful truth of reality (red).

Read: CBC Discussion Panels – Sham Debates


We live in a blue-pill world.

For the vast majority of folk this doesn’t even register as an issue, for they have consented to take part — knowingly or unknowingly — in the grand game of apparent reality.

The problem is, the consensual world is one that’s simultaneously upside-down, back-to-front and inside-out. It’s a world in which divergence from the prescribed paradigm is curtailed by mass media brainwashing, subjecting the masses to endless repetitions of official narratives and agendas.

A growing minority of people, however, have awoken from their blue-pill slumber.

These courageous souls have sought out or stumbled upon the truth, and as a result, have chosen to take the red pill. And where there might still be gaps in awareness and understanding of particularities, the fundamental truth gleaned from such enquiries — that the blue-pill world is contrived, deceptive and illusory — can never be forgotten.

When you lift the veil … reality cannot return to the realm of the un-seeable.

When you disengage from the apparent … you unshackle yourself from restrictions of enquiry and thought, enabling you to think the previously unthinkable and discover truths in places you once had no idea existed.

Yet, despite the freedom one gains from opening one’s eyes and mind to that which is beneath or behind the apparent, living in this blue-pill world will always be challenging for red-pill dissidents who see the fakery everywhere.

What were once simple conversations — with friends, family or acquaintances, almost invariably revolving around the apparent — suddenly become dilemmas: whether or not to reveal what and how much you know, or whether to restrict yourself to the apparent and engage in another empty encounter.

Whenever a person or group of people step outside the ostensible world, there are innumerable apparent individuals who voluntarily police their fellow human beings, denouncing them as anti-this and anti-that, this-phobic and that-phobic, haters and bigots, and, of course, conspiracy theorists. Anything to disparage the critical thinker, the true individual.

Such ad hominen attacks on those who seek and speak the truth are designed to both divert and intimidate: both the listener, viewer or reader from the message, and, more importantly, the truth seeker from continuing to speak out. While such tactics might silence some, the powers-that-be — the creators of this blue-pill world — have something much more Orwellian in their arsenal for those who are not silenced so easily.

TRUTH has been re-branded as hate speech; and “hate speech” is being criminalised.

The powers-that-be rely on a variety of informers, exactly as East Germany’s DDR relied on their extensive network of Stasi spies — both paid and voluntary — to identify those critical of the oppressive regime. Today, social media and online communication increase the opportunity for spying, as well as the number of ways for propagandised folk to report even the slightest offence under the guise of combating “hate speech”.

Our present-day world of smoke and mirrors is now infested with snitches and shills, trolls and traitors, presstitutes and purveyors of perversion — all of whom are willing to betray their fellow human being for a paycheck or a “good-citizen” gold star.

Thus, not only can real-world relationships be tricky to navigate when the other party operates firmly within the blue-pill boundaries of understanding, the online world of communication can be a minefield of menace. Steering a course through these tricky and often treacherous waters requires courage, integrity and flexibility. Exactly the same qualities as one needed to swallow the red pill in the first place.  >Source   (For added emphases, bolded, underlined, italicized words and links by ELN Editor)

WHITE People Systematically “Eliminated” – Where?

Africa, Anti-White, South Africa, White People

“European Whites are only 8% of the world’s population and on the verge of extermination with the current trend of forced integration, forced migration, ignored and condoned hate crimes against Whites, and all the government’s forced racial policies which impoverish Whites”.

CENSORED News in North America/Europe

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South Africa – Genocidal Slaughterhouse

South African Killing Fields

“Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer”


South African Child SEX-SLAVES

WHITE South Africans DENIED Jobs

Did You Know?